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H3PO4 acid Foods Additive

Min. Order:25

Delivery Time:15 Days

Industrial Food Grade CAS NO 7664-38-2 Phosphoric Acid 85% Phosphoric acid may be used to remove rust by direct application to rusted iron, steel tools, or other surfaces. The phosphoric acid changes the reddish-brown iron(III) oxide, Fe2O3 (rust), to ferric phosphate, FePO4. An empirical formula for this reaction is 2 H3PO4 + Fe2O3 → 2 FePO4 + 3 H2O Molecular Formula: H3PO4 Content: 75%, 81%, 85% min or produce as per your requirements. Molecular Formula: H3PO4 Molecular weight: 97.99 Content: ...

High Purity Food Sweetener dextrose food Additive

Model No:dextrose food additive

Min. Order:20

Specifications dextrose food Additive 1.White crystalline powder 2.Sweetener;preservative;nutrition enchancer 3.Food, pharmaceutical Grade                High Purity Food Sweetener dextrose food Additive   Product Description     Name: Dextrose  Molecular formula: C6H12O6·H2O Molecular weight: 198.17 CAS Number: 5996-10-1 H.S code: 17023000 Introduction:  Dextrose monohydrate is a kind of white hexagonal crystal which used starch as the raw  materials. After corn starch being transformed into de...

Natural Chicken Essence Food Additive

Model No:Tangchao

Delivery Time:30 Days

Natural Chicken Essence Food Additive         Certificate   Packing and transportation         15/20KG per carton or barrel       More than 10 years of export experience.      Could be arranged by sea, air or railway. According to your specific requirements   Container bale capacity      Production Equipment           Application Field       Brief Introduction for Company      Tianjin Tangchao Food Industry Co., Ltd is located at Huayuan Industrial Estate, which is specialized in the research &a...

ISO Natural Garlic Extract Feed Additive Allicin 1%-5% ordorlessness allicin

Model No:Garlic Extract Feed Additive

Delivery Time:3 Days

Specifications Garlic Extract Feed Additive 1 Specifications:1%-5% ordorlessness allicin 2The original manufacturer 3 free sample Garlic Extract Feed Additive Product Specification  1%-5% ordorlessness allicin Latin Name : Allium sativum Appearance: White to off white crystalline powder Part of the Plant Used:ROOT(Dry, 100% Natural) Extract Method: Grain Alcohol     Introduction   Allium sativum, commonly known as garlic, is a species in the onion genus, Allium. Its close relatives include the o...

OEM Produce Sriracha Rooster Sauce/Paste without Preservative and Additive

Model No:Sriracha Rooster Sauce/Paste

Delivery Time:20 Days

We are a producer for Various chili paste with nature and health, we can produce counter-samples of red chillies paste as per customer's request after you supply us with your chili paste's recipe & Sample.   We produce chili sauce & mash in axenic processing workshop.  Guajillo Sauce ingredient: chili peppers, distilled vinegar, garlic, sugar and salt, etc.     Sriracha Rooster Sauce/Paste, Sweet Chili Sauce/Fresh Chili Paste Photos & Details:   Outstanding Feature: without preservat...

Additive for meat Foods(carrageenan)

Model No:K101

Delivery Time:15 Days

Specifications Additive for meat Foods (carrageenan) 1.increase productivity 2.excellent elasticity 3.water-keeping ablity 1.Description: Carrageenan for meat Foods can gelatinate, wet, emulsify and shape meat goods, improve meat elasticity and turn tastes. The meat goods treated with this product has exquisite structure, sheet-cutting property, appropriate toughness, excellent elasticity and non sweating property.   2.Specification: Item Standard Appearance White powder Moisture(105 centi-digre...

sulfurized isobutylene extreme pessure antiwear Additive

Model No:HL-T321 sulfurized isobutylene extreme pessure antiwear additive

Delivery Time:3 Days

Specifications I.good EP antiwear property; II.high sulfur content; III.Sulfurized isobutylene  sulfurized isobutylene extreme pessure antiwear Additive     I.Key Benefits  Mainly composed of sulfurized isobutylene  High sulfur content, low toxicity, light color  Good oil solubility  Excellent EP and load-carrying properties  Good thermal stability  Appliable in a variety of formulations with other P-N agents   II. Application Blended in the formulation of the following lubricant:  Gear oil   Me...

Turmeric root extract powder 95% curcumin as flavor Additive in pigments and Foods

Model No:Botanical Extract

Delivery Time:2 Days

  Product Description Turmeric root extract powder 95% curcumin Turmeric (Curcuma longa) is a rhizomatous herbaceous perennial plant of the ginger family, Zingiberaceae,which reaches up to 1 m tall and native to India, South America, China and the East Indies. Highly branched, yellow to orange, cylindrical, aromatic rhizomes are found. Turmeric, a yellow root, imparts color and flavor to food and has been used as a color and/or spice for centuries, that is produced by grinding the rhizomes of th...

feed Additive for poultry

Model No:feed additive

Delivery Time:14 Days

feed Additive for poultry   We are feed Additive factory in China,with below product list:   1.Yeast Powder 2.Choline Chloride 3.Betaine 4.DDGS 5.Corn Gluten Meal Feed Additive sample free. Feed Additive accept inspection. Feed Additive for poultry & aquaculture Feed Additive with Fami-Qs &ISO certificate. As directly factory,price is the most competitive. Hope can cooperate with your great team! Best Regards, Contact Person ;Mary Tel: 86-317-2186287 Fax:86-317-2125750 Skype: mary52020

Food Additive China Export Data

Model No:China Export Trade Data

Food Additive - China Export Customs Data Information about Food Additive Food additives are substances added to food to preserve flavor or enhance its taste and appearance. Some additives have been used for centuries; for example, preserving food by pickling (with vinegar), salting, as with bacon, preserving sweets or using sulfur dioxide as with wines. With the advent of processed Foods in the second half of the twentieth century, many more additives have been introduced, of both natural and a...

high quality food Additive citric acid anhydrous price

Model No:CAA

Min. Order:22

high quality food Additive 30-100mesh citric acid anhydrous price Product Name:citric acid Appearance: Colorless or white crystal Grade: BP/USP/FCC/E330 Package:25 kg bag Certificate: HALAL,KOSHER, Reach, IQ NET Exported countries: India,Jordan, Nigeria, Guinea, Columbia, Armenia, Venezuela Citric acid Application: a. Citric acid is a useful ingredient in beverages, jams, jellies, candies and frozen Foods. It is also added in gelatin and fruit-based desserts as well as in canned vegetable...

High Nutrition Freeze Dried Foods for Pets

Min. Order:1

Delivery Time:30 Days

High Nutrition Freeze Dried Foods for Pets ,using 100% natural fresh chicken material made of,pls rest asured that 100% without Additive pure chicken breast,chicken jerky recipe healthy.100% natural pet snacks,premium meat.It can enhance the phycial and keep your cute pets fit.The quality is compliance with export standard with BRC,ISO22000 and FSSC22000,all export pet food will be checked strictly through CIQ. Products analysis: Crube Protein: 60%min Crube Fat: 1%min Crube Fiber: 4%max Moistur...

Eastan Pet

Shandong Qingdao

Food Additive BP2010 Tripotassium Citrate

Model No:X-CAS 6100-05-6

Min. Order:1

Food Additive BP2010 Tripotassium Citrate Acesulfame The product has a strong sweetness, sweetness is about 130 times the sucrose, taste and saccharin similar. High bitterness. Not hygroscopic, stable at room temperature, and sugar alcohol, sucrose, etc. have a good mix. As a non-nutritive sweetener, it can be widely used in various Foods. According to China's GB2760-90 provisions, can be used for liquid, solid drinks, ice cream, cakes, jam, pickles, candied fruit, plastic sugar, table with swee...

Food Additive Potassium Benzoate at competitive Price

Min. Order:5

Delivery Time:12 Days

Potssium Benzoate white grain, sheetor crystalloid powder, it's scentless of a little of scentless, melting point is 121.5°C-123.5°C, it's easy to disolve water, ethand. As preservative and antimicrobial agents in food industry. Used in artificial cream, winet. Can be used fireworks material call agent. Acidic Foods and beverages such as fruit juice (citric acid), sparkling drinks (carbonic acid), soft drinks (phosphoric acid), and pickles (vinegar) may be preserved with it. It is approved f...

Goji Berry dried /No Sugar/No Additive/No GMO

Min. Order:1000

Delivery Time:20 Days

Goji Berry dried /No Sugar/No Additive/No GMO Goji Berry dried are one of the hottest super Foods and raw herbs, but they've been around for ages. Before being known and the goji berry, the fruit of the Lycium chinense plant was known as the wolfberry or boxthorn berry in English speaking countries. This small, ellipsoid, red berry grows on a bush native to Asia, especially the Himalayan regions of China, Tibet, and Ningxia. Since the early 21st century, wolf berries have become increasingly pop...

Super Grade Anthracite based carbon Additive


Delivery Time:30 Days

Super grade carbon Additive of F.C content can be 95% MIN ,it is made from well-selected Ningxia TaiXi anthracite. nd mainly be used for steelmaking in electrical, foundry industry to increase the content of carbon. IIn steelmaking plant / F.C. 90-95% Calcined Anthracite: 1) Adjust carbon points, put into the central lower part of furnace with metal, the yield can reach 90% - 95%; 2) Adjust the carbon after the molten steel melt, put it on the surface of molten steel. Finally, the rate is abo...

very special Additive BHT

Model No:cas:128-37-0

Min. Order:15

Antioxidant BHT can delay rancidity of food as food Additive. The antioxidant BHT is used in animal and plant oils and in Foods containing animal and plant oils. In addition, the antioxidant BHT can also be used in inks, adhesives, leather, casting, dyeing, paint and electronics industries.Antioxidant BHT is also a stabilizer for cosmetics, medicine, etc.. Addition of antioxidant BHT: 0.01 %-2 %. Antioxidant BHT can inhibit or delay the oxidation degradation of plastics or rubber and extend the ...

White Powder Wall Putty Additive Tile Adhesive HPMC

Model No:M130000

Min. Order:5

Due to the myriad of properties, HPMC is often used to substitute many other additives with lower concentration, making HPMC an incredibly efficient and effective Additive in area of adhesives, construction, Foods, household products, pharmaceuticals, and etc. HPMC are types of non-ionic cellulose ether, which are a powder of white to off white color Physical and Chemical Properities Product Name: Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose CAS NO:9004-65-3 Definition: we choose high purity cotton as the ori...


Model No:T-3158

T3158 CF-4 DIESEL ENGINE OIL Additive PACKAGE 1. DESCRIPTION Diesel engine oil an Additive package is formulated with metal detergent, high molecular ashless dispersant, antioxidant Additive package. It has good high temperature detergency, dispersancy and antioxidant and anti-wear properties. CF-4 diesel engine oil blended with the Additive package has meet the requirements of API CF-4. It can decrease the oil consumption and reduce piston deposit, especially suitable for the heavy-duty diese...

Yak Meat Crisp

Min. Order:100 kg

Delivery Time:20 Days

Production License Number: 512013010002 Product Standard Code: SB/T10019 Company: Sichuan Jianyang Tailaisi Foods Factory Address: No.25 Longwang Street, Jianyang, Sichuan, China. Tel: 028-26388388 Ingredients: Granulated White Sugar, Peanut Kernel, Blanched Peanuts Storage Method: Placed in a dry, well ventilated and moisture-proof place. Quality Guarantee Period: 240 Days Food Additives: NO Food Additive Product: Yak Meat Crisp Packing: In Bulk Barcode: 6922124201016 Weight: 428g Brand: Tail...

Food Additive

Model No: Food Additive

Food Additive We manufacture all kinds of Additive (food,cosmetics) material, and our Additive Industry goods as follow: Cosmetic raw material Nutrition enhancer Flavoring material Flavoring substances Acidity regulators Chelator Emulsifier,thickening auxiliary,stabilizer Preservatives and Insecticides Bleacher,oxidizer,reductants More additives Separating medium Quality booster excipient vehicle Food chewing gum bases Wheat flour, starch modifier Microorganisms of enzyme preparation Edible pi...

Food Additives Sweeteners , Aspartame (food & Pharma Additive) , C14h18n2o5

Food Additives Sweeteners , Aspartame (Food & Pharma Additive) , C14H18N2O5   Quick Detail: · Type: Sweeteners; · CAS No.: 22839-47-0  ·  E Number.: E951  ·  EINECS No.: 245-261-3  ·  Molecular Formula:C14H18N2O5 · Other Names:  Aspartame;  Aspartam; Aspartamo; APM; ·  Brand Name:HONNE   Description: 1. Product Name: Aspartame; 2. Type: Sweeteners; 3. Standard: FCC IV/USP32/BP2000/EPIV/NF19 4. Specifications: 1. Powder 80mesh/100mesh/200mesh                                   2. Granular 30-6...

Dextrose Monohydrate, Cas 5996-10-1, Torrefied Food Additive Sweetener C6h12o6*h2o

Dextrose Monohydrate, Cas 5996-10-1, torrefied Food Additive Sweetener C6H12O6*H2O Product:               Dextrose Monohydrate CAS:                   5996-10-1 Formula:               C6H12O6*H2O  Appearance&Smell:    White crystal or powder,  odorless and a little sweat Quality:                WS1-05(B)-89  GB20880-2007 Package:               25kg/800kg bag, 20mt/FCL without pallet  Storage:                Stored in Shielded from light, dry and cool place Shelf Life:              2years ITEM...

None Additive Safety Freeze Dried Fruits Papaya Powder for

Min. Order:1

Delivery Time:30 Days

None Additive Safety Freeze Dried Fruits Papaya Powder for Restaurant / Hotel Quick Detail: 1. Production Season: Yearly 2. Specification: FD Papaya Powder 60 Mesh 3. Purity: 100% Papaya Powder 4. Color: Light Yellow; Yellow 5. Solubility: Great Solubility in Warm Water 6. Additive: None 7. Taste: Pure Taste of Papaya 8. Moisture: Less than 5% 9. Shelf Life: One Year Description: Freeze dried fruits papaya powder, as we all known, is very good for us, especially for women. So, when you go out wi...

Pharmaceutical Grade Bulk Food Additive Trehalose Powder CA

Model No:Food grade

Min. Order:1

Pharmaceutical Grade Bulk Food Additive Trehalose Powder CAS NO. 6138-23-4 Quick Detail: ◆Trehalose is a kind of safe, reliable natural carbohydrate which widely exists in many edible plants and animals and microorganisms of the nature , there are usually too much content trehalose in many plants and aminals body , such as mushrooms, seaweed, beans , shrimp, bread, beer and yeast food. ◆Trehalose has magic protective with organisms, under high temperature, heavy cool, high osmotic pressure and d...

Pharmaceutical Grade Bulk Food Additive Trehalose Powder CA

Model No:Food grade

Min. Order:1

Pharmaceutical Grade Bulk Food Additive Trehalose Powder CAS NO. 6138-23-4 Quick Detail: ◆Trehalose is a kind of safe, reliable natural carbohydrate which widely exists in many edible plants and animals and microorganisms of the nature , there are usually too much content trehalose in many plants and aminals body , such as mushrooms, seaweed, beans , shrimp, bread, beer and yeast food. ◆Trehalose has magic protective with organisms, under high temperature, heavy cool, high osmotic pressure and d...

Rheological Additive for Oil Drilling, Mud, Oil Well, Oil Field

Model No:rheological additive For oil drilling mud

Rheological Additive CP-10A is a kind of organoclay rheological Additive. It is used in systems of non-polar to medium polarity aliphatic and other solvents (ketones, ester, ether esters, and alcohols, aromatic). Advantages L High efficiency L The gel is of light color and high clarity. L Easy to use, no need to pre-gel. L Eliminate polar activator L Consistent development of rheology. L Can be used to post correct Application L Paint. L Sealants and adhesive L Ink L Cosmetic L Nano-composite Us...

Vacuum Blood Collection Tube - No Additive Tube

Model No:PLAIN(No additive)

No Additive tube is used in blood collection and storage for biochemistry, immunology, serology, test of various kinds of virus and microelement in medical inspection. With special treatment of the inner surface, it's extremely smooth for normal activity of thrombocyte and unhindered clotting, which prevents hemolysis or adhesion of blood corpuscle or fibrin to the inner surface. It can provide enough pollution-free serum samples for clinical test, and maintain the normal compositions of serum f...

No Additive Tubes

Model No:Plain Tube Without Additive

Product Name: Plain tube without Additive Application: Used for collecting and storing blood specimen for biochemistry, immunology, serology tests and drug monitoring in medical inspection and applicable for all current mainstream biochemical analyzers.

Hunan Liuyang Medical Instrument Factory

Liuyang City Sanli Industry.Huapao Da Dao

Food Additive Sweetener Aspartame Aspartam

Model No:aspartame

AspartameAspartame with the chemical name of Aspartyl phenylalanine methyl ester, is a dipeptide being a combination of L-asparticacid and L-phenylalanine. It can be absorbed by human body completely and is harmless and quite safe to use. It tastes pure, cool and refresh, similar to sucrose however is 200 times as sweet with only l/200 of its energy so eating.Aspartame constantly won' t cause any change in blood sugar levels nor cause high blood pressure or coronary disease. It is defined as swe...

Food Additive-Sodium Erythorbate

Model No:USP35/FCC8

Sodium Erythorbate 1. Production name: Sodium erythorbate (Sodium D-Isoascorbate) 2. Molecular formula: C6H7NaO6 H2O 3. Molecular weight: 216.12 4. Description: With melting point at 200 degrees centigrade, it is a white or slightly yellow crystalline powder, odorless, a little salty and dissolvable in water. In solid state it is stable in air. Its water solution is easily mutated when it meets with air, trace metal, heat and light. 5. Quality Standard: Its quality is accorded with FCCIV. Item S...

Food Additive Freeze Drying Jackfruit Powder

Model No:NAT-A-01

Food Additive Freeze Drying Jackfruit Powder Product Specification: Freeze dried fruit powder is is a natural and clever way to introduce extra fruit into the diet, as well as being a natural, safe colouring and flavouring. The powder contains no artificial ingredients, flavourings or colourings, just pure fruit. Product Introduction: Fruit contain moderate amounts of vitamin B6, vitamin C, manganese and potassium, possibly contributing to electrolyte balance. Freeze fruit powder is a powder mad...

Food Additive Sodium Benzoate (NaC6H5CO2) (CAS: 532-32-1)

Model No:CAS

Sodium benzoate (E211), also called benzoate of soda, has the chemical formula NaC6H5CO2. It is the sodium salt of benzoic acid and exists in this form when dissolved in water. It can be produced by reacting sodium hydroxide with benzoic acid.Sodium benzoate is a preservative. It is bacteriostatic and fungistatic under acidic conditions. It is used most prevalently in acidic Foods such as salad dressings (vinegar), carbonated drinks (carbonic acid), jams and fruit juices (citric acid), pickles (...

Polypropylene Fiber for Concrete/Cement Additive

Model No:Polypropylene Fiber for Concrete/Cement Additive

Product DescriptionSpecificationsPolypropylene fiber for Concrete/Cement additive1. PP fiber2. Reinforce fiber for concrete3. Competitive quality and pricePolypropylene FiberPET Fiber is synthetic fiber manufactured in specially designed process with polyester as main material. After anti-UV treatments, the product has very good age-resistant property, and can greatly improve the asphalt pavement property, such as binding, durability, high temperature stability, low temperature splitting resista...

Nutritional Supplement Best Qualtiyfood Additive L-Tryptophan

Model No:food additive l-tryptophan

food Additive l-tryptophan 1.   Introduction:L-Tryptophan is one of essential amino acids and the fourth limiting amino acid in animal diets,which means it could not be synthesized by the body,In addition, dietary supply through feed materials is usually insufficient. The deficiency of L-Tryptophan was generally characterized as decreased feedintake and efficiency, and slow growth rate.Considering L-Tryptophan playing a key role in growth performance and feed efficiency, it is recommended to add...

Common Gear Oil Additive Pacakage (T-4201)

Model No:T-4201

T-4201 is common gear oil compound Additive researched & developed by research institute of petro-chemical engineering, and is accepted as excellent gear oil package domestically. Quality grade gl-5, viscosity grade 80w/90 car gear oil, prepared by 4.8% dosage, have passed crcl-42, crcl-33, crcl-37, and crcl-60 etc bearing test. T-4201, prepared by 1.6% dosage, is no. 320 heavy-load industrial gear oil, and conform to American stell uss-224. Specification standard.  

Alibaba Express Anti-aging Foods Korean Red Ginseng Extract

Model No:zd20141231, Ginseng Extract

Min. Order:1

  PANAX  GINSENG  EXTRACT       Latin name: Panax ginseng C.A. Mey. Plant origin: Araliaceae ginseng Panax ginseng CA. Mey.  The dried roots and stems   Active Ingredients: Ginsenosides CAS NO.: 72480-62-7 Specifications: 30% 80%. Test Method: Ginsenosides ≥80.0% (UV method),  ≥30.0% (HPLC method). Introduction of Ginseng                                                                         Ginseng is the most famous Chinese herb, and is the most widely recognized  plant used in traditional me...

Food Additive purity Dextrose Monohydrate factory price

Model No:TF-DM

Min. Order:20

Specifications Dextrose Monohydrate 1.Factory direct 2.good after sales service 3.prompt delivery 4.ISO & SGS certificate   Food Additive purity Dextrose Monohydrate factory price     Molecular Formula: C6H12O6 H2O  CAS No.: 5996-10-1  Packing: 25KG/Craft Paper Bag,20MT/20’FCL   Specification:     ITEM SPECIFICATION Appearance Crystal powder,no visible impurity Smell No peculiar smell Flavour Mild sweet,purity Colour White or colorless Specific rotation /(°) 52.0-53.5 Glucose content(on dry ...

Food Additive Sweetener Sorbitol Powder

Model No:elite-indus

Min. Order:1

Food Additive Sweetener Sorbitol Powder Application: 1.Sorbitol is widely used in ice cream, cakes, drinks, candy toothpaste etc...It can be used as raw material of synthetic vitamin c in medicine. Also as sugared substitute materials. 2.Sorbitol is commonly used as a sweetener or sugar substitute in many diet Foods. It is also used as sweetener in toothpaste, mouthwash, chewing gum, and cold medicine. 3.Sorbitol is an effective, safe and cost-effective treatment for constipation. In fact, sorbi...

Food label labels for canned Foods low temperature adhesive sticker adhesive customized labels

Model No:Food label labels for canned foods

Min. Order:1000

              Food label labels for canned Foods Product Description Material options: gold foil, silver foil, PVC, PET/PETG, OPP, BOPP, paper, paper laminated and aluminum laminated as well as hologram.Fully customizable finishing: full or spot matte coating, glossy coatings, emboss, hot stamping, UV ink, metalized  substrates, tear perforations, and more!   Brand name Renyi   (Accept almost all kinds of customized adhesive labels, especially in cosmetic labels, multilayer labels, paper-turning...
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