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Water purification granular Activated Carbon

Model No: Water Purification Activated Carbon Price

Min. Order:10

Product Introduction Granular water purification Activated Carbon with high quality anthracite as raw material. 1. Coal-based water purification granular Activated Carbon used for water treatment, chemical pigment electronic factory, food factory, waste gas treatment plant and biological carrier, landfill, seawater aquaculture breeding and other fields. 2. Coal-based water purification granular Activated Carbon used in the purification of raw water, purification of tap water, especially in the ...

coal based-machinery for making water purification briquetted Activated Carbon

Model No:briquetted activated carbon

coal based-machinery for making water purification briquetted Activated Carbon 1. Product Information Activated Carbon To be used for dechlorination, deoiling of industrial water such as food,chemical industry,electric power,electric plate, etc,and further purifying treatment of potable water and sewage water. 2. Specification Particle size : 12X30mesh Iodine number:1080 mg/g (ASTM) Ash content:9.33% (ASTM) Moisture content : 1.92% (ASTM) Hardness : 91% (ASTM) Apparent : density...

6mm anthracite pellet Activated Carbon

Model No:6mm anthracite pellet activated carbon

Delivery Time:30 Days

6mm Carbon can remove the SO2 in the flue gas desulfurization (sulfur dioxide), denitrification is mainly from NOx in flue gas (nitrogen oxide), the two substances into the atmosphere will be the formation of acid rain, acid rain harm is very large, so now the country has been promoting environmental protection. Especially thermal power plant are now built simultaneous construction of desulfurization, denitrification and now the state has not started to force. Activated Carbon adsorption desu...

Granular Activated Carbon---P Series

Model No:Granular Activated Carbon---P Series

1. Feature: P-Series Activated Carbon, which are called granular Carbon as well, can be produced in both of Dry-Moulding and Humid-Moulding. The products can be available in variety size distribution, such as P-8× 30, P-12× 40, P-5× 7, P-6× 16, P-12× 30, P-20× 40 etc. The Humid-Moulding processing Carbon follows the production and service of Y-Series Activated Carbon, which are pellet-crushed granular Carbon in fact, after being mechanically crushed and screened comes to the favorable results Th...

Activated Carbon 1kg coconut shell charcoal granulated

Model No:HY-187water purification activated carbon

Activated Carbon 1kg coconut shell charcoal granulated     Coconut shell Activated Carbon with high mechanical strength, developed pore structure, large surface area, adsorption speed, high adsorption capacity, ease of regeneration, durability and other characteristics. Applicatied for the food, beverage, pharmaceutical active Carbon, alcohol, air purification Activated Carbon and high purity drinking water deodorant, removal of heavy metals, remove chlorine and liquid bleaching. Solvent recover...

10x20 mesh bulk granular Activated Carbon for alcohol purification

Model No:ZLAC01

Product Description Zhulin Activated Carbon Group is China’s leading supplier with over 12 years of expertise in Activated Carbon industry, and Zhulin has served for more than 25 countries with supreme quality products. Zhulin Activated Carbon's Advantage: 1.Super high quality raw coconut shell 2. Physical method without chemicals 3. Huge specific surface area4. Fast adsorption speed 5. Low resistance and high hardness6. Rich Pore and low ash 7. Big surface area for adsorption Detailed Images   ...

Activated Carbon Melamine Faced HDF Pressing

Model No:12mm Black Activated carbon HDF Plank

Min. Order:1000

Activated Carbon Melamine Faced HDF Pressing 1. HDF/MDF RAW MATERIALS: Activated Carbon Melamine Faced HDF Pressing, also called Black 12mm HDF Pressing We are pressing HDF/MDF Pressing Board for different using. Black 12mm Activated Carbon HDF Laminate Flooing is the most Environmental-friendly HDF board, enjoying high popular among customs from many countries, who have gradually recognized the importance of Eco environment for human life. Activated Carbon HDF Laminate Flooing have various envi...

DOE Code 7 Activated Carbon Filter Cartridges

Model No:10′′ 20′′ Activated Carbon Filter Cartridges

Min. Order:25

Active Carbon Filter Cartridge (ACF) Activated Carbon block filter cartridge is made of high quality active Carbon particles, which are sintered together with cohesive solvent. High mechanical strength; good integrality; free of surfactants. Usually used for liquid filtration. Features and Benefits 1. Depth filter 2. Large flow 3. High dirt holding capacity 4. Wide chemical compatibility; suitable for strong alkaline and acid e...

2.0mm PELLET Activated Carbon

Model No:2.0mm

Min. Order:1

2.0mm Huahui Activated Carbon's ability to absorb many chemicals from gas or aqueous solution makes it an excellent filtration aid for different industries, be designed with a high surface area and a proper range of pore size distribution between macrospore, mesopore and microspore. Can be widely used in the Gas-phase include gas purification, all-purpose protection, pollution control, and catalysts etc.

767Injection Activated Carbon Oral Medicine Carbon

Model No:SSW-101

Delivery Time:7 Days

1. Product introduction Medicine (injection) Activated Carbon uses natural high quality loose miscellaneous charcoal as raw material, and is produced through the process of high temperature activation, acid-washing, rinsing etc. by sophisticated equipment and scientific technology. It is black, sterile, no-smell, no-poison, decoloring fast and has the advantages of high purity, strong adsorption capacity, good filter performance, stable reactivity worth, and can not dissolve in the general sol...

Activated Carbon

Model No:activated carbon

Min. Order:25 tons

Specifications Certificate: NSF,ISO9001, ISO9002 Usage: for water and air purification, etc. Product Name: Activated Carbon Product Type:coal based, wood based, coconut shell based, nut shell based in granular, cylindrical, spherical and powder appearance Product Usage:Activated Carbon is used in purifying water and air; adsorbing (collecting, recovering. separating and refining of poisonous substances, adsorbing and filtering radioactivity substances and microorganism ) desulfating,recovering o...

Natural Activated Carbon

Model No:Natural Activated Carbon

Product Details Basic Specification function filter rust dust odor colloid material Activated Carbon CAS No. 64365-11-3 Form Other Detail Description This product is made from Europe coconut shell Activated Carbon Material: Coconut shell Activated Carbon imported from NetherlandsFilter , Dust, Rust, Suspended Matter, Colloid, Microbe.NORIT authentication Additional Information Payment Terms T/T Minimum Order 200 Lead Time / Delivery Time 45 Day(s) Sample Available YES Delivery Details Term of De...

Filter Media (Activated Carbon)

Model No:Activated carbon

Activated Carbon Activated Carbon takes advantage of its multihole structure on surface to absorb chemicals, organic pollution source, color and smell from water. Generally less Activated Carbon volumn, more surface area. And of course more excellent absorbability when you choose Activated Carbon as filter media, you should pay much attention to its feature more pressure loss. Superfine coconut shell Activated Carbon adopted by KOCHIN can be used on different occasion such as drinking water trea...

Activated Carbon Fiber Filter Cartridge for Food and Water Filtration

Model No:LFC Activated Carbon Fiber

Activated Carbon Fiber Filter Cartridge for Food and Water filtration FEATURE & BENEFIT 1.Great flux and high adsorption ability 2.No hazardous substances releasing 3.Resistant to acid and bases 4.Easy to regenerate APPLICATION 1.Decolouring and particle removal for liquor 2.Filtration, decolouring and deodoring for water treatment 3.DI and RO pretreatment 4.Chlorine removal for water 5.Clarification and prefiltration during food process 6.Economical alternative to granular Activated Carbon ...

Activated Carbon Pocket Filter

Model No:Activated Carbon Pocket Filter

Common Applications: Suitable for office buildings, airports, hospitals and other air-conditioning ventilation systems to improve indoor air quality Features: The filter bag is composited by high- adsorption Activated Carbon fiber and filter media, with fine surface adsorption ability. It can get rid of the odor, sulfur dioxide and other volatile organic pollutants in the air effectively.

Activated Carbon for Refine Electroplate Liquid

Model No:powder activated carbon

Global-HX-H Activated Carbon The material is coal and wooden, which refine and purification in high temperature, besides, have a high absorbent. Application Used in Electroplate Factory, can remove the polluted water and foreign matter.

Activated Carbon Air Filter

Model No:Activated Carbon Honeycomb

1. Eliminating the chemical contaminate 2. Good efficiency 3. Large specific area. 4. Micro pore structure Speciality 1. Products using honeycomb Activated Carbon as a filter material, aluminum alloy frame, side with welded mesh is made and be become, Activated Carbon filter and the traditional folding specifications 2. Further to maximize the use of Activated Carbon, adsorption 5 to 10 times larger than folding Activated Carbon filter, two to four times longer service life, big air volume more ...

5% Max Moisture Steam Method Nut Shell Activated Carbon Series

Model No:Nut Shell Activated Carbon

Nut shell Activated Carbon Production process: Nut shell Activated Carbon choose high quality coconut shell and nut shell as raw material, It is made by the carbonization and activation, superheated steam technology, the appearance Is black indefinite from particle. Performance: 1. With good abrasion resistance 2. Developed pore structure 3. High adsorption properties 4. High strength, easy regeneration 5. Cheap Product Size: It is widely used in domestic, industrial, liquid adsorption, water pu...

Activated Carbon Processing Machinery

Model No:activated carbon processing machinery

Product Description Specifications 100-10000L stainless steel Activated Carbon processing machinery Good quality Reasonable price Fast deliver 100-10000L stainless steel Activated Carbon processing machinery We supply all types and sizes of tanks to various processing industries. Some of these processing industries include food, beverage, dairy, chemical, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, fruit & vegetable, sauce and dressing, cosmetics, food protein, lotions, candy and many other processing in...

Coal Activated Carbon

Model No:activated carbon -2014-0012

Product Description We invest 2 factories in 2008, and act as exclusive foreign sales agent of 2 factories, Chinese purchase agent of 1 client from 2007.We`re very well up in WOODEN and COAL Activated carbons, if you have any inquiries, please tell us in time.use place: water filtering,  water purity, gas filtering, air purity . etc. We also supply filter and put Activated Carbon inside for water purity as belowed photo.

Activated Carbon air filter element alibaba express air filter manufacturer

Model No:activated carbon air filter element

Delivery Time:1 Days

Specifications Standard part Activated Carbon air filter element Available from stock Air compressor spare Top quality with reasonableprice 1. Brief introduction of Activated Carbon air filter element   Product Name: Activated Carbon air filter element alibaba express air filter manufacturer    Activated Carbon air filter element Supply Activated Carbon air filter element For air compressor            2. Packing & Shipping Packing: Neutral packing or original packing for Activated Carbon air...

Coal powder Activated Carbon

Model No:BTMWF200

Min. Order:10

Coal powder Activated Carbon Product Details Size:200 mesh Iodine value:900-1000mg/g min CAS No.:7440-44-0 Other Names:Activated Charcoal MF:C EINECS No.:231-153-3 Purity:100% Type:Adsorbent Usage:Water Treatment Chemicals ...

Activated Carbon filter Cartridge

Model No:carbon filter

Min. Order:10

Actived Carbon is applicable for treatment of a wide variety of environmental contaminants. The Carbon filter is simple to install and easy to operate and maintain. The efficiency of Activated Carbon for solvent vapour removal is by far superior to a refrigerating process. Featuers: 1.Regeneration unit 2.Continuous absorption process 3.Carbon is a natural product and can be specifically selected for your process 4.Adsorption flow from bottom to top 8.Option to hea...

Activated Carbon for gas purification

Model No:ZK-2050

Uses: It is used for purification of chemical raw material gas, chemical synthesis gas, pharmaceutical industrial gas, beverage Carbon dioxide gas and hydrogen, nitrogen, hydrogen chloride, ethylene, ethane, cracked gas, inert gas and exhaust of atomic facilities, Separation and refining. Note: According to the specific requirements of customers for production.

1054 tank 150PSI Sand & Activated Carbon Filter Tank

Model No:Carbon Filter Tank-1054

Min. Order:5

Activated Carbon Filter Tank Detail: This 1054 tank 150 PSI Sand & Activated Carbon Filter Tank for use in various applications, including residential drinking water filtration, food service, and humidifying systems, among others. Activated Carbon Filter Tank Classification : Residential(6"-13") Light Commercial(14"-24") Industrail(30"-63") Activated Carbon Filter Tank Features: l Excellent mechanical and physical properties; l Good thermal and electrical insulation; l Resi...

Viscose-based Activated Carbon Fiber Felt

Features ACF has a better performance than the efficient activity of the Activated Carbon adsorption material and environmental engineering materials. And it has a very rich microporous developed specific surface area, excellent adsorption properties and good reduction ability in different industrial applications, reflecting the different special features.ACF has large adsorption capacity, perfect adsorption and desorption result, as well as good purifying effect and is renewable and reusable. S...

6" Activated Carbon Air Filter Odor Removal Charcoal Air Fi

Model No:6"Active Carbon filter

Min. Order:1

6" Activated Carbon Air Filter Odor Removal Charcoal Air Filter Quick Detail: Name Carbon filter Brand Name OEM offered Size 6"*24" Thickness of Carbon 50mm Flange Aluminum flange Max. Scrubbing 150CFM Open hole area 53% Certificate ISO 6” High quality active Carbon filter for hydroponics and greenhouse Description: High strength galvanized steel / alum l / black power coated / spray plastic protect the filter cartridge in a sound shape, high grade active charcoal/Carbon to ...

6" Activated Carbon Air Filter Odor Removal Charcoal Air Fi

Model No:6"Active Carbon filter

Min. Order:1

6" Activated Carbon Air Filter Odor Removal Charcoal Air Filter Quick Detail: Name Carbon filter Brand Name OEM offered Size 6"*24" Thickness of Carbon 50mm Flange Aluminum flange Max. Scrubbing 150CFM Open hole area 53% Certificate ISO 6” High quality active Carbon filter for hydroponics and greenhouse Description: High strength galvanized steel / alum l / black power coated / spray plastic protect the filter cartridge in a sound shape, high grade active charcoal/Carbon to ...

Activated Carbon filtration box

Model No:Carbon filter element

Product Details Basic Specification Detail Description   Muti-functional Activated Carbon filter boxCan be applied with filter cotton for grade KP  Additional Information Minimum Order 100 Lead Time / Delivery Time 0 Day(s) Sample Available NO Target Market(s) North America, Oceania, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa(except Middle East), Hong Kong/ Macao/ Taiwan, Latin America, Japan & Korea, Middle East & South Asia, Mainland China, Western & Southern Europe, Northern Europe, C...

Activated CarbonNew

Model No:Activated Carbon @--1

Product name: Activated Carbon Product type: coal based, wood based, coconut shell based, nut shell based in granular, cylindrical, spherical and powder appearance Product usage: Activated Carbon is used in purifying water and air, absorbing (collecting, recovering separating and refining of poisonous substances, adsorbing and filtering radioactive substances and microorganism) DE sulfating, recovering of solvent and steam, catalyst and catalyst carriers Product specifications: Iodine(MG/G): 300...

Carbon Polyster Pre-Filter, Carbon Filter Media in Roll, Activated Carbon Filter Mdia

Model No:Carbon Polyster Pre-filter

Carbon Polyster Pre-filter, Carbon Filter Media in Roll, Activated Carbon Filter Mdia 1. With more than 50% of Carbon content 2. With high efficency 3. With long service life 4. With low resistance 5. Thickness: 3mm

Granular Activated Carbon

Model No:GC-CG-830/1240

Min. Order:10

Steamed bituminous-coal based virgin granular Activated carbons with mesh sizes (4x8, 8x30, 12x40, 30x100, 200, 325...) mainly used for drinking water & waste water & flue gas treatment, decolourization and etc. in the form of regular or briquetted or acid-washed; Certificate:ISO9001:2008 Product Size: 4x8, 8x30, 12x40, 30x100, 200, 325... Iodine (min): 800-1050mg/g Moisture (max): 5% Ash (max): 15% Hardness (min): 90% Apparent density: 480~530g/l

Coal Activated Carbon for Water Treatment

Min. Order:1

Delivery Time:20 Days

Our range of specialist water treatments for municipal, industrial and process water treatments is full and extensive enabling us to anticipate and meet all customer requirements.We provide a range of granular Activated Carbon product and Powdered Activated Carbon products for municipal water treatment. Special features include flexible approach to adsorption, maximum volume activity, excellent dispersal characteristics in slurries, outstanding thermal reactivation characteristics.Features demon...

Activated Carbon pellets making equipment

Model No:GFZL

Min. Order:1

Activated Carbon pellets making equipment Compactor Description Dry Roller Granulator can make the powder raw material directly to granular products to meet user requirements without any intermediates and additives. after granulating Product granularity uniformity and bulk density increased significantly which not only control the pollution but also reduce the production cost and improve the appearance and liquidity material to facilitate drug next operation process and storage. Dry Roller Press...

Granular Activated Carbon Dryer

Model No:DW

Min. Order:1

Granular Activated Carbon Dryer 1. Granular Activated Carbon Dryer Principles Granular Activated Carbon Dryer (Granular Activated Carbon Drier,Granular Activated Carbon Dryer Machine) The top and low circulation units can be freely equipped according to the users requirements. The number of section might be selected according to the production demands. The materials are uniformly distributed on the mesh-belt by the material feeder. The mesh-belt generally adopts 12-60 mesh stainless steel mesh ...

Activated Carbon Vibrating Fluid Bed Dryer

Model No:ZDG

Min. Order:1

Activated Carbon Vibrating Fluid Bed Dryer ZDG Activated Carbon Vibrating Fluid Bed Dryer Features 1. The vibration motor has the advantages of smooth running, low noise and long service life. 2. The material thickness, movement speed, and total amplitude can be steplessly adjusted. 3. As our Activated Carbon Drying Machinery causes little damage to material surface, it is ideal for drying of fragile materials. 4. Thanks to its totally enclosed structure, ZDG Activated Carbon Dryer prevents cro...

Activated Carbon adsorption tower

Model No:XC-4

Min. Order:1

1. Activated Carbon adsorption tower Activated Carbon adsorption technology for medicine in China, chemical industry and food industry refined and decoloring for many years history.70 s used for industrial waste gas processing. Activated Carbon adsorption method has gradually become one of the main methods of industrial waste gas of two or three. The treatment of organic waste gas Activated Carbon adsorption tower is widely used in furniture industry, chemical coating, metal the surface trea...

Activated Carbon car air purifier filter

Model No:BRAA-0025

Min. Order:1000

Feature: Remove odor toluene formaldehyde Premium quality you can rely on Designed to for car cabin competitive price easy install media: HEPA + Activated Carbon Size: customized Material Bronco filter 1: HEPA air filter paper The HEPA filter paper Bronco filter 1 is made of meltblown and substrate. The masterbatch of meltblown is imported from Europe and the substrate is J60 with wet process. Withunique compound technology, the HEPA filter paper reaches 1g glue per square meter, high efficienc...

Activated Carbon Bag for Removing Odors

Model No:B071KTKHQJ

Min. Order:200

Our air purifying bag is good for removing different kinds of odors to get natural and healthy air compared to spray it's much safer and you needn't worry breathe in. You can put it in cars, closets, shoes, bathrooms, pet areas, fridge,bag and new house to absorb odors and excess moisture. Our odor deodorizer is reusable, the Activated Carbon can work long time, non-woven fabric package has good air permeability and absorb odors effectively. Note:The purifying process is not immediate ...

Cumin Wheat Activated Carbon Destoner

Model No:5XQS-3

Min. Order:1

Cumin Wheat Activated Carbon Destoner Introduction: Destoner Machine is one popular grain cleaning equipment. It can separate the heavy foreign impurity from grain seeds. It works base on the principle of weight difference. The 5XZQ-3 Blowing type gravity destoner is used to separate the stone, pebble, clod from all type grain seeds. The 5XQS-3 Destoner is the blowing type Destoner , which is not only widely applied for removing stone from all kinds of seeds and grains, also can be used in o...
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