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Acrylic Emulsion Paint,Acrylic latex Paint,waterproof Emulsion Paint

Model No:white color

Delivery Time:5 Days

  Product Description 1. Detailed description Acrylic Emulsion Paint It is a kind of environmental-friendly and energy saving interior Emulsion Paint,which can reduce heat build up by refecting infra red light form the coated surface & less getting into your home.Different from traditional wall  Paint many advantages, such as ease of brushing, dry quickly, Paint water etc.   Product feature 1.excellent waterproof and weathering resistance 2.elastic flexible and good adhesion 3.high quality, ...

Acrylic Emulsion Paint for exterior manufacturers

Model No:LWP025#

Min. Order:750

Acrylic Emulsion Paint for exterior manufacturers Acrylic Emulsion Paint because of its composition, strong adhesion, scrub resistance and so on. Acrylic Emulsion Paint for Exterior better effect, less time consumption, the amount of more efficient painting work. Acrylic Emulsion Paint Manufacturers,Safe, non-toxic and tasteless, and completely solve the painter's labor protection and environmental pollution caused by the volatilization of organic solvents and toxic gases, fundamentally e...

Acrylic Emulsion Paint machine/reactor/cracking kettle

Model No:FYF

Min. Order:1

Specifications Acrylic Emulsion Paint machine 1.anchor paddle, ribbon stirring 2.vacuum/heating 3.stainless steel 4.CE Acrylic Emulsion Paint machine   1.Introduction: 1). Operating principle: Break down or recombined the materials through mixing, filling and cooling, to promote the reaction of polymerization. 2). Components: Body, gears, mixing devices, heating devices, cooling devices, seal, etc. 3). Auxiliary Equipment: Distillation column, head tank, condenser, water separator, collecting ca...

Epoxy Acrylic Emulsion Paint

Delivery Time:15 Days

Specifications Epoxy Acrylic Emulsion Paint 1.Paint film is tough, adhesive, good flexibility 2.water resistant, good alkali resistance   Epoxy Acrylic Emulsion Paint  1.Description 1 Paint film is tough adhesion good flexibility 2 Water resistant good alkali resistance 3 Durability excellent corrosion resistence   Composition: Epoxy Resin,Pigments fillers depolyment of two component epoxy Paint 1 Alkyd resin color paste 2 Isocyanate  Ratio (weight ratio) for: Ingredient 1: 2 = 2.5:1 Characteris...

Acrylic Emulsion Paint, Acrylic Paint colour, 300ml Acrylic paintings

Model No:A-300

Delivery Time:7 Days

Specifications Acrylic Emulsion Paint 1. fast drying & water-based 2. good tinting strength 3. Acrylic Emulsion Paint MFG   Product Description         OEM IS AVAILABLE   great weather-proof ability water soluble intermixable ,fast drying Ideal for artwork , hobbies modeling and traditional art painting, well-suited for painting on wood ,paper ,canvas, leather, stone, metal glass ,ceramics etc… opaque and light fast with selected pigment brushes and other accessories can be cleaned easily wi...

Water based Acrylic Emulsion Paint/coating thickening agent WC-TH626

Model No:WC-TH626

Delivery Time:25 Days

  Water based Acrylic Emulsion Paint/coating thickening agent WC-TH626 Features: l  High content and low viscosity Acrylic Emulsion l  Good mobility, levelling property and no effects on the gloss of coating l  High thickening effect, small dosage, good resistance to dilute (the viscosity changes little after dilution) l  Little impact on handle of print products l  Good dispersibility and rapid thickening effect l  Can completely replace Rhom&Haas TT-935. l  No agglomerate phenomenon Applic...

Oil based Acrylic Emulsion Paint supplier

Delivery Time:10 Days

Specifications 1. excellent solvent resistance, water-resistance; 2.high solid content, and easy coating. Oil based Acrylic  Emulsion Paint          PARAMETERS: NO Type Description  Color 1 PLUS-80B solvent & water based  blue/ For the machine 2 PLUS-8700 solvent & water based  blue/ For hand scraper  3 S-600B solvent based blue 4 S-630B(V) solvent based blue/violet/ For decal paper 5 W200B water based  blue/ For hand scraper    FEATURES: high resolution, soft once become film, to preven...

Interior Wall Waterbase Acrylic Emulsion Paint for interior use

Model No:D-2200B

Product Description More than 1000 kind of colors Choose the one you like Product Features: 1.Gloss Level-High Gloss2.Scrubbing Resistance> 5000 times3.Available Color---White or Multicolor for reference to DONGYI Color chart.  4.Environmental friendly, VOC contains≤120g/L5.dust-dirt-free, odourless, non-yellowing, matt silicone based top coat Paint.6. Excellent covering power. Can be rubbed and washed up.7.Water-repellent properties, allows transmission of vapor due to silicone and special b...

Acrylic Emulsion Paint

Model No:c1

Min. Order:100 Barrel/Barrels

Product name: qiangbao Acrylic interior and exterior Emulsion Paint Character: the main meterial of the product is Acrylic. Add import Titanium Dioxide ,additives and pigment into the Acrylic grind to a kind of high-level interior and exterior Emulsion Paint. With the character of strong cover rate, quickly dry and outstanding decorate effect. Apply area: It is used in the decoration and proof of interior and exterior of high-level house ornamentation, hotel, school and residence building Main ...


Hubei Wuhan

Zhengou High Performance Acrylic Floor Paint

Model No:High Performance Acrylic Floor Paint

Min. Order:500

Specifications 1,Strong cohesive ,wear resisting and antirot,anti-impact,low price ,water proof 2,Fast construction,cleanness with convenience   Cell phone for 24 hours: 0086-15061937797 (Ms.Emily Qu)        WHY Zhengou?   Professional manufacturer of paints and coatings High quality,Competitive price Engineering service More than 10-year experience of exporting .        Zhengou  High Performance Acrylic Floor Paint   Advantage :     1. Smooth and bright            2. Non-pollution,            3...

BRS Acrylic Emulsion mortar( polyacrylate Emulsion )--Jinan TD double component

Model No:BRS acrylic emulsion mortar--Jinan TD

Delivery Time:5 Days

BRS Acrylic Emulsion mortar( polyacrylate Emulsion ) Description According to the special process, Acrylic Emulsion water-proof&anti-corrosion mortar is made withacrylic waterproof latex, high-quality aggregates, special binding materials , of which Acrylic Emulsion is a kind of polymermodification molecule waterproof &anti-corrosion system; Acrylic Emulsion water-proof/anti-corrosive mortar with long life, convenientconstruction, more than 50 years life for long-term water soaking.The m...

50ml round Acrylic Emulsion bottle

Model No:L15 50ml round acrylic emulsion bottle

Delivery Time:35 Days

50ml round Acrylic Emulsion bottle     the description: 1.Item No.:  L15 2.Bottle capacity in series: 15ml 30ml 50ml 3. Material: outer bottle---Acrylic, inside spray purple color inner bottle---PP,white Neck--ABS, white Button: push button, ABS, metalized silver   The available artworks: 1. hotstamping 2. Silk-screen printing 3. Spray-coating 4. Frost 5. Electroplate   The OEM service: 1. customized logo and color are available 2. private design and package are welcome Packing&Payment detai...

Long Lasting Acrylic Car Paint

Model No:Acrylic Car Paint

Delivery Time:10 Days

 For More Information, Please click: www.wonder-global.com Product Description   Long Lasting Acrylic Car Paint   We have  a complete set of tinting system and mixing system.includes 1K basecoat toners (solid, silver and pearl colors), 2K topcoat toners, primers (1k primer surfacer, 2K primer surfacer, epoxy primer and plastic prime), clear coats, hardeners, thinners, binders, ancillaries, etc. And our  system has contained all the recipes for the car auto market for example, Nissan, Honda, Toyo...

Silicone Acrylic Emulsion Blj-Kd96

Model No:BLJ-KD96

Silicone Acrylic Emulsion Product Introduction BLJ - KD96 silicone Acrylic Emulsion is the development of a new type of Emulsion in solving the water blush phenomenon on the base of absorption water of Emulsion film. This Emulsion, selected the imported high quality emulsifiers and special functional monomers by seed, core-shell polymerization. Features and Applications 1. High hardness, high water resistance, resistance to blushing, stone-like Paint has really realistic sense. 2. Excellent hydr...

profession glass make Emulsion Paint for glass mosaic manufacture

Model No:yellow paint

profession glass make Emulsion Paint for glass mosaic manufacture   1.the products is suitable for the Cold spray on the glass mosaic.   2.We have a very mature technique for the production of glass mosaic Paint   3.our glass mosaic Paint is supper stable.   4.we can offer you some sample if you like.   5.There are many color for your choose as white,black,blue,green,red,yellow,lemon.    key words:make Emulsion Paint   Mixture of substances listed below chemical name composition(in % byweight) A...


Jilin Tonghua

Water Base Acrylic Emulsion Wall Paint

Model No:AN3006

Maydos Water-based exterior Emulsion Paint is a kind of anti bacteria, environment-friendly, water base exterior Emulsion Paint, which can provide an excellent hide, more coverage finish with fresh odor. Advantages: 1. High performance but low price 2. Strong hiding power 3. Easy application 4. Good leveling property Main Composition: Acrylic copolymer Emulsion, pigment, additives and water

Anionic Silicone Acrylic Emulsion for Interior and Exterior Paint

Model No:CZGB-01

Characteristics and features This product is an anionic Emulsion, copolymer of styrene, acrylates and organic silicon monomer. The introduction of organic silicon monomer greatly improves the coating of water resistance, scrub resistance and stain resistance, it's performance is higher than common styrene-Acrylic Emulsion, coating fast drying, high hardness, anti-stick back there good water resistance, alkali resistance and stain resistance, formaldehyde free. It is suitable for high profile int...

Interior Wall Emulsion Paint/Wall Paint/Wall Coating/Acrylic Paint (w101)

Model No:w101

Product Type: Winai interior wall Emulsion Paint is a economical interior wall Emulsion Paint, it has high covering power, the color and luster is soft, good touch and delicate, economical and practical, and has a good adhesion with the surface, use for decoration and protection of interior wall surface.Application Area:  Adapt to any project interior wall decoration which emphasize economy. Color:  White or refer to specialized color card, it can also according to customer requirements.  Techni...

Wintai Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Jiangmen

coating Acrylic resin Emulsion Paint Acrylic polymer

Model No:HS_RY6

Delivery Time:10 Days

Specifications Acrylic resin Emulsion Paint 1.high gloss,abrasion resistance 2.good adhesion,anti-impact 3.chemical proofing Acrylic Resin Emulsion Main use in the metal anti-corrosive sealer   Product introduction use the advanced polymer reactivity anti-corrosive skillness, water resistance, good attachment, good gloss, resistance to salt, anti-alkali, perfect anti-corrosive. Good compatable with anti-rust pigment and  anti flash-rust agent. It is main use in the metal anti-rust sealer,that is...

fast dry Acrylic Paint,Emulsion Paint,car Paint

Model No:280

Delivery Time:20 Days

PRODUCT NAME:          fast dry Acrylic Paint,Emulsion Paint,car Paint DESCRIPTION: Acrylic Sealant is an one part, general purpose, water based Acrylic sealant that cures to a flexible and tough rebber with good adhesion t porous sruface withoutprimer. Suitable for sealing and filling gaps or joints where low demand of elongation are required.   CHARACTERISTICS: ♦. one part. ♦.  waterproof and paintable. ♦.  provides along lasting flexible steal. ♦.  excellent adhesion to most costruction mater...

WA-2007/2008 Water-based Acrylic Emulsion for pringting ink plastic Paint

Model No:WA-2007/2008

Delivery Time:15 Days

Specifications WA-2007/2008 two component.   Product Description Jelee WA-2007&WA-2008 Hydroxyl Acrylic Emulsion  Brief introduction: WA-2007 film-material is soft, so it can be used into enhance the flexbility and adhesion of layer. mixed with WA-2008 with a apropriate propotion, it can play the best. Physical properties Product No. WA-2007                                                         WA-2008  Type  styene-Acrylic Emulsion   styene-Acrylic Emulsion Appearance Light yellow translu...

water based Acrylic Emulsion brush Paint

Model No:924

Delivery Time:30 Days

Product Description           water based Acrylic Emulsion brush Paint     Description: Vacuum forming adhsive is one kind of waterborne polyurethane adhesives, which is widely applied to high quality vacuum forming products, like vacuum forming door, kitchen cabinet panel, sound box panel, computer desk etc. It has excellent perfomance on heat resistant, fast drying, small partical diameter, endurance bonding strength and atomization. Features: 1.      Excellent heat resistant and fast drying 2...

2K hardener Solid Color Topcoat Acrylic polyurethane Paint

Model No:1 liter.3.75 liter.5 liter.18-20 liter

Min. Order:1

2K hardener Solid Color Topcoat Acrylic polyurethane Paint high gloss 2K Topcoat, B202 Black Tone, A black used more frequently as a tinting black than as a single mixing color. Quick Detail: Product Type Single-step series of two-component Paint pigment concentration with a hardener and thinners, after construction was a bright light and can withstand strong finish Purpose Polished, completely dry, in good condition original Paint, old Paint surface and intermediate Paint surface. Substrate The...

Glossy Silicone Acrylic Acid Paint ceiling floor colour pai

Model No:YY- 2100 / 2200 / 2300 / 2400 / 2500

Min. Order:1

Glossy Silicone Acrylic Acid Paint ceiling floor colour paints powder Exterior Wall Water-borne Closed Primer is a kind of special seal coating for new and old wall base, it has a strong alkali resistance the substrate, protect the Paint effectively, it make the surface coating avoid the destruction from alkaline cement and provide a better basis for surface coating. Product features 1. Superior high quality raw material: 100% pure Acrylic import original high-tech products, super waterproof res...

Acrylic Wall Paint

Delivery Time:20 Days

Specifications 1. Lasting, uniform color that resists fading or discoloration 2.Environment friendly & non toxic   Features:   1. Lower cost product and easy to apply 2.Environment friendly & non toxic 3. Excellent abrasion resistance 4.High levels of flexibility to help cover cracks and surface defects 5.Highly resistant to chemical corrosion 6.Available in a wide range of clours, other clours specified by customers also available7.Acid-proof and alkali-resistant      Description:   1.I...

lotion plastic bottle Acrylic colour Paint

Model No:HD1

Delivery Time:35 Days

lotion plastic bottle Acrylic colour Paint   Product Show 1. Product Pictures of plastic bottle Acrylic colour Paint 2. Product Description of plastic bottle Acrylic colour Paint capacity 15ml 30ml 50ml 100ml,15g 30g 50g and so on  material Acrylic MOQ low colour according to customer's requirment material PMMA packaging carton Delivery time 20-30days   3. More Products for You to Choose Company Show 1. About us Shangyu Hongding Plastic Co., Ltd. is a professional designer and manufacturer of va...

silicone Acrylic Emulsion

Model No:CZGB-01

     Silicone Acrylic Emulsion     Characteristics and features:         This product is a anionic Emulsion, copolymer of styrene, acrylates and organic silicon monomer. The introduction of organic silicon monomer greatly improves the coating of water resistance, scrub  resistance and stain resistance, it’s performance is higher than common styrene-Acrylic Emulsion,  coating fast drying, high hardness, anti-stick back there good water resistance, alkali resistance and  stain resistance, formalde...

9"European style Acrylic fibers Paint roller cover

Model No:CZ-050021

Delivery Time:5 Days

  Specifications:   Paint roller cover 1)   Acrylic with muliti-color stripes 3)   Size: 9’’ 4)   Easy painting   Product description:   Item No.: CZ-050021 Item name: Paint roller cover   Size:   1.  9''(4’’ 5’’ 6’’ 7’’ 8’’ 10’’ )   2. Nap:11mm(4/5/9/10/12/15/18mm) 3. Core Dia.:38MM (44/48mm)      Material :      Brush material :Acrylic (Polyester,wool,Foam,Synthetic Fiber) Package: 1pc/polybag   100bags/ctn Package size: 57x28x47cm     Product views:        Function:   1.  For using with water...

Auto Refinishing Paint Airbrush Silver Colorbase Acrylic Spray Paint

Model No:YJ-1K silver

Delivery Time:15 Days

  Detail information Of: Auto Refinishing Paint Airbrush Silver Colorbase Acrylic Spray Paint Characteristic Made of several durability-improved resins,The metallic basecoat produced has high quality,good coverage,and could be blended to optimun metallic,solid or pearl color effect,excllent adhesion and interco at adhesion Subastrate Existing finishes that have been de-greased & sanded,YJ-780 di-component meduim primer, YJ-760 single component primer and all kinds of primer surface Mixing ra...

Jinzong Machinery Stainless steel reactor for water-based Acrylic Emulsion

Model No:JZ

  Product Description Reactors for  water-based Acrylic Emulsion Product Description   Resin Plant is the key equipment for producing all kinds of resins, such as Alkyd resin, Acrylic resin, PET resin, epoxy resins, ABS resins, Polyester resin, Unsaturated polyester resin, Acrylic resin, Amino resin, curing agent etc. The whole set of equipment includes reactor, vertical fractionating column, horizontal condenser, water storage tank, oil spill tank and piping (dilution kettle). All parts of the ...

Spray Paint Colorful/ Convenient Car Spray Paint/ Matt Color Acrylic Spray Paint

Model No:Spray Paint

Delivery Time:3 Days

  Spray Paint Colorful/ Convenient Car Spray Paint/ Matt Color Acrylic Spray Paint   Wrap name Spray Paint Wrap thickness 0.14mm Wrap heat resistance -50°C to +200°C Wrap stretch rate 33+ pascal Wrap glue material Imported removable glue Wrap glue thickness 0.03mm Wrap glue weight 30g/m2±2gm2 Weight of release paper 140gsm embossing paper Wrap stand up against water, dirt, grease, salt, weak acids, oil Wrap durability period Indoor 3-4 years; outdoor: 1-2 years Wrap Product Type Calendered and h...

Industrial Paint mixer,Emulsion Paint mixing machine

Model No:YJ-2M-01

Delivery Time:45 Days

  Working video at youtube: http://youtu.be/lDM9QZ9ks1I   USE: Manual Clamping Gyro Paint Mixer is use for mixing Paint, colorant or other liquid fastly and thoroughly.    APPLICATION: For oil and water colorants: Interior and exterior architectural coatings, Emulsion Paint, Emulsion varnish, latex Paint, wood decoration Paint, furniture Paint, wall Paint, industria Paint etc. For non corrosive liquid: Nail Polish, nail enamel, shampoo, Emulsion, strobe cream, body lotion, hair conditioner etc. ...

Crown Anti-slip Outdoor tennis Acrylic floor Paint

Model No:CP-102

Delivery Time:3 Days

Product Description   Description:   CP-102 is a kind of economical Acrylic airtight organic Paint, mainly used for outdoors courts of tennis, basketball, badminton, volleyball etc. It is suitable for environments of all kinds of climate, wearable, anti-slip, waterproof, sun protection. It can form a dense and elastic coating on the substrate which can adjust the rotary force of the ball speed and prolong the service life of the ball and the sports shoes. With its soft colors and gloss, it can a...

No Yellowing Acrylic Car Paint clearcoat MS Varnish

Model No:FK888, 2K Mediate Concentration Clear Paint

Delivery Time:3 Days

No Yellowing Acrylic Car Paint clearcoat MS Varnish   1.High Solid Clear Paint auto Paint 2.Glump surface high gossy3.Good mirror effect 4.Excellent levelling5.Fast dry   Description   High gloss, excellent levellingproperty, fast dry and film formation under low temperature, good weather resistance. Mainly used for cars, business vehicles and buses.   Spray Method   Wet spray 2-3 coats, volatilization time between coats: 5-10 mins. keep still for 10-15 mins after spraying before baking, film th...

fashion design Acrylic colours Paint tube,empty lipstick tube,car oil pipe

Model No:wm-9816

Delivery Time:20 Days

Product Description   Products & Trade Infomation Main Material Acrylic (PMMA)             Other material: wood,mdf,ps sheet Usage Display products,exhibit show,storage Technique Polishing, engraving, silk screen, hot bending,laser cut Color Clear other color:white,black or others color you want Logo Free Silk screen printing. MOQ 100pcs          Small order is available, Leave a Message Port: Shenzhen/Hongkong Place of Origin Dongguan China Price item EXW,FOB,CNF,CIF,FCA Payment terms 40% T...

Clear Acrylic Artist Paint Mixing Palette Oil Painting Palettes Color Blending Palette

Model No:STR-H1231

Delivery Time:15 Days

  Product Description Clear Acrylic Artist Paint Mixing Palette Oil Painting Palettes Color Blending Palettet     Product Details   This 8.5 inch x 11 inch Paint mixing palette is perfect for holding and mixing Paint. The clear Acrylic makes mixing Paint accurate and cleanup fast and easy. It has a thumb hole and finger cutout for holding comfortable. The palette is made from clear deluxe Acrylic   Product Features: 8.5″ x 11″ Made from clear Acrylic Thumb hole for holding and mixing comfortably...

Customized plastic bottle Acrylic colour Paint

Model No:ACBO-1105

Delivery Time:7 Days

Customized  plastic bottle Acrylic colour Paint Product Description Introduction Of Acrylic 1. Acrylic is a kind of plastic,eco-friendly material,raw material is PMMA2. High transparency,lighter and more safety than glass3. Acrylic could be used to produce crafts,menu holder,ice bucket,display,photo frame,etc. 4.Excellent inoxidizability Information of plastic bottle Acrylic colour Paint Size customized Thickness customized Color Customized Material Acrylic Edge Laser cut/polishing Surface Gloss...

Environmental Building Emulsion Paint Raw Material 

Specifications Emulsion Paint raw material 1. Wide applicantion 2. Test: SGS MSDS 3. Avaiable sample 4. Enveriomental KS series water based Emulsion Paint raw material colors for choose   Code Color Color Light fastness Weathering fastness Chemical fastness Heat fastness(°C) Original Light er Original Light er Original Light er Acid Alkali KS5000 white 8 8 5 5 5 5 200 KS5150 Bright yellow 7~8 7~8 5 4~5 5 5 180 KS5130 yellow 7 6 4 3~4 5 4~5 180 KS5104 Deep yellow 7 5~6 4 3~4 5 5 180 KS5201 red 6~...

Prefab Movable Office Containers With Ceramic Tiles , Emulsion Paint

Structure: Steel Frame Certification: SGS Model Number: S20-N Brand Name: Housespace Design: Modular Design,Waterproof Design Usage: Parlor, Bedroom, Study, Locker Room, Ablution Room, Shower Room, Kitchen And Dining Room     Prefab Movable Office Containers With Ceramic Tiles , Emulsion Paint      Prefabricated Shed Waterproof Storage Shed     Quick Details Place of Origin: Beijing, China (Mainland) Brand Name: Housespace     Produc Specification:   1. Firm structure:  The house adopts strong s...

Eco-logical diatomaceous earth, better than oil and Emulsion Paint, European style decor


​​​Product descriptions:​10 functions: Eliminate formaldehyde & benzene Fire retardant Improving sleeping Long lifespan Heat preservation & energy saving Regulate humidity & sterilization Deodorization Noise insulation Shield your eyes Wall self-cleaning Natural ecological diatomaceous earth Paint  Easy application The first brand of water-based diatom mud which can directly brush like Emulsion Paint DIY style & multiple colors 48 hours live in It is easy to build out artistic st...
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