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High Molecular Weight Acr Processing Aid

Min. Order:1

High Molecular Weight Acrylic Processing Aid developed by our company and have all characteristics of acrylic Processing aids. The only difference between them is that the molecular weight of TF Series is much more higher than that of normal acrylic Processing Aid. According to the different applications,our TF serise has been divided into 3 groups: ● 0~8mm thin foaming board & sheet:TF-530,TF-869 ● more than 8mm thick foaming board & WPC board:TF-100N,TF-200 ● Foaming shoe: TF-530S Func...

Acrylic Processing Aid Acr 401

Model No:ACR-401

Delivery Time:10 Days

Acr 401 Acrylic Processing Aid 401 Specification Items Index Appearance White flow powde methyl acrylate contents ≥, 98% methyl acrylate is compared to a column ≥, 33% apparent density (overcomes/ a cubic centimeter) 0.4-0.55 volatilizes share (%) Count 1.0% nuclear core glass-rization temperature -50 size (40 mester pass rate %) Count 98 Preation good being able to bear of product characteristic-- waits for the nature (xenon arc weather ageing instrument 3000 hs , good treating of good invariab...

New Nylon Processing Aid

Model No:CYD-PR121D -1

Index: State: powder at room temperature Volatile content,%: ≤2 MW: around 2,000g/mol Hydroxyl value, mg KOH/g: 400-600 Temperature tolerance: <260℃ Applicable performance: Dendritic polymer CYD-PR121D is a great Processing Aid of polyamide (nylon) with low viscosity due to its unique structure and physical property Compared with traditional aids, CYD-PR121D with dosage of 0.2-0.5% can apparently enhance fluidity of melt and improve abrasion resistance Fluidity can be well kept even processin...

Textile Industry Rubber Processing Aid , High Styrene Rubbe

Model No:HS - 860

Min. Order:1

Rubber Processing Aid , HS - 860 , White Granule , Used In Soles And Textile Industry. Recommendations and Applications: HS-860 is used as reinforcing agent of diene rubber. It is of high styrene content, non-toxic,odourless, combustible, with low content of impurities and consistent quality. Because of high content of styrene, it imparts better aging resistance , higher hardness and rigidity, better mechanical performance and tear strength of the products. It is widely used to blend with BR, NR...

PVC Processing Aid DA series

Description DA-20, DA-30 is Processing Aid made from acrylate monomer emulsion polymerization technology. It can be used in rigid PVC formulation to promote fusion and melt fluidity, decrease process temperature, improve thermal property and the surface gloss of the finished products. It is white powder. It can be dissolved in ketone and chloroform, but not in water and alcohol. Quality Specification Item Index (DA-20) Index (DA-30) Inherent Viscosity[η],25degree 3.0-5.0 3.0-5.0 Bulk Density,g/c...

PVC Processing Aid LP Series

Model No:L-C2/M-C1

PVC Processing Aid LP Series 1. Brief PVC Processing Aid LP Series products are acrylic ester PVC Processing aids mainly used in hard PVC sheets, membrane, granules, profiles, pipes and pipe fitting, especially for profiles, inlet water pipe, pipe fitting and low sparkling products. 2. Application Character Add small amount LP series Processing aids during rigid or semi-rigid PVC molding process can Promote compound fusion Improve surface gloss Promotes die swell Improve hot melt strength Improv...

Polymer Processing Aid PPA auxiliary agent additive masterbatch

Model No:MB

Delivery Time:15 Days

  DALIAN JINGCAI MASTERBATCHES CO.,LTD Product Description      Polymer Processing Aid PPA auxiliary agent additive masterbatch           Areas of Use: Film, Injection Extrusion, Inflation.    Features: Provides a lubricant impact to avoid the adhesion of film surfaces to either each other or to metal surfaces.     Chief technical index:    Appearance  graininess, equality, color and luster unanimous  Melt temperature  125~200  Dispersing  no color dot, no strip  Heat resistance (grade)  ≥ 4  Mo...

Processing Aid 869 for ABS ASA ABS/PC alloy

Model No:869

Brief  Introduction869 series is styrene-acrylonitrile copolymer with ultra-high molecular weight which reaches to 5 million.It is Processing Aid for ABS,ASA,ABS/PC alloy. It is also the foaming regulator for PVC products. It can also be used in the PVC products which have special request on heat resistance.It is white powder. It is not dissolved in water, alcohol, but can be easily dissolved in Ketone, chloroform.The sanitary index is in accordance with GB-9681-88 Quality Specification Item 869...

Acrylic Processing Aid(Acr-401)

Introduction? Acr-401 is acrylic copolymer that can be used in all kinds of PVC Processing. It can promote plastication and decrease Processing temperature and fusion time, improve melt strength and homogeneity, get better surface with higher gloss,Acr-401 is white powder and can dissolve in Ethyl, Ketene and Chlorinated Hydroarbon but not in water and Alcohol. ___________ To know more, please visit http://www.jxdchem.com or send mail to us: E-Mail: export@jxdchem.com , jxdchemexport@hotmail.com

Acrylic Processing acid - Acr resin for Plastics

Model No:401

Min. Order:10

Specifications Acrylic Processing acid - Acr resin for Plastics 1.Acrylic impact modifier Acr 61 2.PVC Impact modifier Acr 61 Acrylic Processing acid - Acr resin for Plastics ACR201, ACR401 is prepared by emulsion polymerization, it’s the common type of PVC Processing additives. The product can promote the gelation of PVC, to improve melt flow, and improve the appearance of product quality, It is used for a variety of PVC products molding process.   Acr Series (ACR201; ACR401)   Product Introduc...

hot sell Ammonia solution for tobacco Processing

Model No:Ammonia for tobacco processing

Min. Order:20

Aqueous Ammonia/Ammona Water/Ammonia Solutions Ammonia solution, also known as ammonia water, ammonical liquor, ammonia liquor, aqua ammonia, aqueous ammonia, or (inaccurately) ammonia, is a solution of ammonia in water. It can be denoted by the symbols NH3(aq). It is sometimes thought of as a solution of ammonium hydroxide. Although the name ammonium hydroxide suggests an alkali with composition [NH4+][OH−], it is actually impossible to isola / Product Specifications Product Name ...

Plastic Auxiliary PVC Processing Aid

Model No:zs-101/301

 >>>Quickly understand:PVC Processing modifier Acr resin is used for PVC bottle, PVC sheet, PVC film, PVC panel, PVC profile, PVC tube, PVC pipe fitting. ZS series is our latest developed PVC Processing aids, which is high molecular polymer. It has excellent Processing property, and is the substitute of conventional Processing aids. Specifications:  Item ZS-401 ZS-175 ZS-PA-20 ZS-400D ZS-400B Appearance White flowing powder Granularity (40 mesh through) (%) ≥98 Volatility (%) ≤1.3 Intri...

CPE-135A, impact modifier,PVC modifier Processing Aid

Model No:CPE-135A

Product Details Basic Specification color white Form Granule Detail Description CPE 135A Description:  molecular formula: (CH2-CHCl-CH2-CH2)nCAS No.:  6321-66-3   It is a high polymer material with saturated structure, forming through the combination of HDPE and chlorine. It has good weatherability and flame retardation. Mainly used as PVC impact modifier. 1.    Advantages A.    Good anti-ageing property and excellent weatherability. It could be used underharsh climate and environment, and it is...

Chlorinated Polyethylene CPE135

Model No:CPE135

Min. Order:1

We are the biggest manufacturer and only the one factory to prodcution compound and monomer stabilizer in China. and we contact with you before. We produce: 1.CPE 135A , Processing Aid Acr , lead compound stabilizer,Ca/zn stabilizer .(used in PVC pipe,profile and cable) 2.Calcium stearate, Zinc stearate ,Lead stearate ,Barium stearate 3.TBLS/DBLP/DBLS . Advantage: not only provide products also provide free technical sevice.

Top purity acrylic Processing acid 401 masterbatch

Model No:HS-ACR-001

Delivery Time:7 Days

                                              Top purity acrylic Processing acid 401 masterbatch  Product description PVC Acrylic Processing Aid Acr-401 developed by our company is one general type of Processing aids. It can greatly improve the plasticity and liquidity as well as the Processing surface quality and the product efficiency. Physical and Chemical Properties    PVC Acrylic Processing Aids Acr-401 is white flowing powder with the apparent density of 0.33-0.55g/cm3.It is insoluble in w...

Lactobacillus Reuteri Freeze Dried Powder

Model No:LR08

Min. Order:1

Lactobacillus reuteri Freeze Dried Powder Description L. reuteri LR08 was isolated from fermented plant. It has the functions of anti-allergic, relieve diarrhea and suppress intestinal bacterial proliferation. Most specifically, it is good for women`s vagina and procreant health. Appearance White to light yellow-colored, free-flowing powder. Potency • 200 billion (2.00E+11) CFU/gm; • Overage provided. Morphology Gram-positive rods of varied lengths, commonly occurring in short chains. Finished f...

Acrylic-Maleic Copolymer Counterparts for Sokalan CP 5

Model No:CAS No. 52255-49-9

Min. Order:1

Kylin CP 5, liquid CAS NO. 52255-49-9 Acrylic acid - Maleic acid copolymer, fully neutralized, liquid; Equivalent to Sokalan CP 45, CP 5, Sokalan CP 7, Acusol 497N Kylin CP 5 is a fully neutralized acrylic-maleic copolymer, designed for the applications in household, industrial and institutional cleaning formulations. Kylin CP 5 is a polymeric dispersing agent, with the potential to inhibit incrusation and scale formation. The molecular weight and monomers ratio are selected to deliver optimum p...

Pharmaceutical Pesticide 99.8% Mono-n-butylamine

Model No:YH-I-28

Min. Order:25

Reliable Quality N-Butylamine/Mono-n-butylamine/ 1-Aminobutane/Monobutylamine Cas 109-73-9 Mono-n-butylamine 99.5% 109-73-9 : intermediate of drug, pesticide, dye, mine floatation agent, emulsifier Package of Mono-n-butylamine 99.5% 109-73-9 :metal pail, net wt 150kg. Certificate of Mono-n-butylamine 99.5% 109-73-9 : ISO certificate , Reach registration Mono-n-butylamine 99.5% 109-73-9 1. Chemical Data CAS No: 109-73-9 Synonyms : 1-Aminobutane; 1-Butanamine; aminobutane; Butyl amine; Monob...

High Quality Flame Retardant IPPP Cas 68937-41-7

Model No:IPPP

Min. Order:1

High Quality Flame Retardant IPPP Cas 68937-41-7 Triaryl Phosphate Isopropylate is recommended as a flame retardant for PVC, flexible polyurethanes, cellulosic resins, and synthetic rubber. It is also recommended as flame retardant Processing Aid for engineering resins, such as modified PPO, polycarbonate and polycarbonate blends. It is particularly suitable as a flame retardant plasticizer for PVC cables. Isopropylate Triphenyl Phosphate (IPPP 35 ) Product name Isopropylate Triphenyl Phosphate ...

Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate

Min. Order:40

Delivery Time:15 Days

Copper Sulfate PRODUCT NAME:Copper Sulfate Molecular formula:CuSO4·5H2O Molecular weight:249.7 CAS NO.:7758-98-7 Performance:Dark blue triclinic crystal or blue crystalline powder or granule. It smells like nasty metal. It slowly weathers in dry air. It`s very soluble in water and the solution is acidic. PH value of 0.1mol/ Packing:It is packed with plastic bag as inner layer, and a compound plastic woven bag as the outer layer. The net weight of each bag is 25kg. Storage and transport:It shoul...
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