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Hot Sale Acid Brilliant Scarlet Gr or Acid Red 73 for Leather in Acid Dyes

Model No:Acid Brilliant Scarlet GR

1.Main Featurea. Appearance: yellow light Red powder b. Light fastness: 6 c. Wash fastness: 4 d. Sweat fastness: 3   2.SpecificationLight: 5 Water Retting: 4-5 Washing: 4-5 Perspiration (Acid): 4-5 Perspiration (Alkaline): 4-5 Rubbing (Dry): 4 Rubbing (Wet): 4 Iron: 4-5 3.ApplicationMainly used in all kind of naturalfibers like wool, cotton and silk as well as to synthetics like polyesters, acrylicand rayon. But they are not substantive to cellulosic fibers. They are alsoused in paints, inks, pl...

Acid Dyes For Paper

Model No:Dynapaper

Acid Dyes for paper Selected series of anionic Dyes offering brightness and moderate to good lightfastness. Useful in calendar stains and nip/dip application. Some available in liquid as well as powders. Dynapaper C.I. CAS NO. Characteristics Acid Black 10B Acid Black 1 1064-48-8 Greenish blue/navy good for coatings/inks for paper; crepe paper; fine tissue Acid Nigrosine Acid Black 2 8005-3-6 Neutral grey good for coatings/inks for paper; crepe paper; fine tissue Acid Brilliant Blue FG Acid Blue...

Acid Dyes Tartrazine CAS 1934-21-0

Model No:X-CAS 1934-21-0

Min. Order:1

Acid Dyes Tartrazine CAS 1934-21-0 1. Acid Dyes Tartrazine CAS 1934-21-0 used as food colorants, the rules can be used for fruit juice beverages, carbonated drinks (taste), preparation, greengage wine, shrimp (taste), dipping dishes, Red and green silk in the make-up and watermelon pulp canned candy, pastry, the maximum amount of 0.1 g/kg; In plant protein beverage and lactobacillus beverage, the maximum use was 0.05g/kg; The maximum amount used in ice cream is 0.02g/kg. 2. Used in paint, ink, p...

Acid Resistant Red Artificial Quartz Stone Quartz Slabs For Fireplace Surround 3200*1600mm

Acid Resistant Red Artificial Quartz Stone Quartz Slabs For Fireplace Surround 3200*1600mm   Specififation: Standard Size 3000*1200mm, 3000*1400mm, 3000*1500mm,3200*1600mm Colors More than 50 kinds Colors optional Surface finish 1500grit shiny   Tech data: Absorption by weight 0.04% Density 2320kg/m3 Abrasion resistance 36.4 sawn Flexural strength Dry condition: 46.5mpa Wet condition: 49.7mpa Modulus of rupture Dry condition: 62mpa Wet condition: 62.1mpa Compressive strength Dry condition: 222.3...

Acid Dyes levelling agent SY-2 (Concentration)

Model No:S054

Acid Dyes levelling agent SY-2 (Concentration) Acid Dyes levelling agent SY-2 (Concentration) Characteristic: Appearance: slightly yellow brown liquid Ionic: weak cationic Content: 98% Solubility: Stir evenly with 60-80℃ water or add small quantity of isopropyl alcohol at the constant temperature. SY-2 will be the slightly yellow thick liquid, opaque. Performance: 1. SY-2 is highly effective levelling agent for dyeing nylon, wool etc. 2. SY-2 is doubled 1815. Usage after dilution: Ratio: 0.5g/l ...

DKY XGW Lead Acid battery Red drum,hand brake electric bicycle

Model No:XGW

Product Details Basic Specification color Red Battery Lead Acid battery brake drum brake, hand brake tire 3.0-10 vacuum tire Detail Description High-class Lead Acid Battery Electric bicycle of Qiangli DKY XGW Lead Acid battery Red drum,hand brake 3.0-10 vacuum tire electric bicycle Model: XGWColor: RedTire: 3.0-10 vacuum tireBrake: drum,hand brake  Additional Information Payment Terms T/T Minimum Order 10 units Lead Time / Delivery Time 60 Day(s) Sample Available YES FOB Port Zhongshan Loading I...

Weak Acid Brilliant Red B 125% 249 for Leather, Wool, Paper

Model No:B

Product Name: WEAK Acid BRILLIANT Red B(Acid Red 249) Code: AR249-B-125 Countertype/Other name: - Color index: 18134 CAS No.: 6416-66-6 EINECS: - Molecular Formula: C29H20C1N3Na2O10S3 Molecular Weight: 748.11 Properties and Applications: Suitable for wool, silk, polyamide fiber dyeing and printing, also suitable for leather color. 1. Acid Yellow 49 2. Acid Yellow 59 3. Acid Yellow 177 4. Acid Yellow 199 5. Acid Yellow 220 6. Acid Orange 3 7. Acid Orange 7 8. Acid Orange 67 9. Acid Orange 116 10....

Acid fixing agent in brown-Red liquid appearance

Model No:DS-911

Product advantages: Excellent colorfastness, fastness to chlorinated water Prominent anti-white staining, prevents the colors white, printed fabric solid stick Little effect on the fluorescence dye shade, solid color discoloration small Character of product: Appearance: brown-Red liquid Ion: anion pH: 7-8 Solubility: easy soluble in water Scope of application:Various fiber with nylon, wool, real silk dyed by Acid Dyes and printed fiber Dyes Dosage: In the light: Acidic fixative DS-911 2-3% (OWF)...

Reactive Dyes (R. B 5)

Model No:Reactive Dyes pigment

Reactive dyesReactive yellow 1/3/81/86/re-5g/km-7G/M-5G/M-7gReactive Red 2/15/29/120/141/195/km-8b/ke-3GReactive blue 4/5/13/14/19/21/26/74/171/191/m-4g/k-grsReactive orange 1/5/13/ke-2g/km-7rReactive violet 1/2/3/8/m-rReactive brown 2/9/5/8/kn-g2RC/m-2rReactive green m-g/19Also, we supply Acid Dyes, solvent Dyes, direct Dyes, disperse Dyes, vat Dyes, basis Dyes

Sulfanilic Acid For Dyes

Min. Order:5

Delivery Time:10 Days

Application: Mainly used in printing and dyeing, synthetic detergent, vinglon, dye, glass, paper making and inorganic salt industrial materials: 1. For Dyes and auxiliaries to adjust the fillers and additives Dye concentration so that they can achieve the standard concentration. 2. Also can be used as a direct dye, sulfur Dyes, vat Dyes in the fabric dyeing Agent procuring directly with Acid Dyes in silk and wool fibers animals at the Buffering agent 3. Are also used for printing, silk fabr...

Chloroacetic Acid CAS 79-11-8

Model No:Chloroacetic Acid

Min. Order:24

Specification Prohibited from use in food Chloroacetic Acid is the chemical compound with the formula ClCH2CO2H. Industry Chemicals This carboxylic Acid is a useful building block in organic synthesis. Like other chloroacetic acids and related halocarbons, it is a potentially dangerous alkylating agent. Textile&Leather Chemicals Chloroacetic Acid belongs to the family of Carboxylic Acids. These are compounds containing a carboxylic Acid group with the formula -C(=O)OH. ...

Acid Red 97 (C.I. 22890) CAS 10169-02-5

Name: [1,1'-Biphenyl]-2,2'-disulfonicacid, 4,4'-bis[2-(2-hydroxy-1-naphthalenyl)diazenyl]-, sodium salt (1:2) CAS No.:10169-02-5 Molecular Structure: Molecular Structure of 10169-02-5 ([1,1'-Biphenyl]-2,2'-disulfonicacid, 4,4'-bis[2-(2-hydroxy-1-naphthalenyl)diazenyl]-, sodium salt (1:2)) Formula: C32H20N4O8S2.2Na Molecular Weight : 698.66 Synonyms: C.I. AcidRed 97, disodium salt (8CI);[1,1'-Biphenyl]-2,2'-disulfonic Acid,4,4'-bis[(2-hydroxy-1-naphthalenyl)azo]-, disodium salt (9CI);Acid Anthrac...


Model No:Following are the Range of Organic Pigments Series :-

We are offering our clients a wide range of Basic and Cationic Dyes,Acid Dyes,direct Dyes,reductive Dyes. Auramine O CAS:2465-27-2 Basic Violet 5BN CAS:548-62-9 Basic Blue 9 CAS:61-73-4 Victoria Blue B CAS:2580-56-5 Magenta green crystals CAS:14426-28-9 Bismarck brown Y CAS:10114-58-6 Catonic Yellow X-8GL CAS:12217-50-4 Cationic Brilliant Red 5GN CAS:12217-48-0 Cationic Red x-GRL CAS:29508-47-2 Basic Blue 3 CAS:33203-82-6 Direct Dyes: Direct Orange 26 (CAS No.) 3626-36-6 Direct Red 31 CAS No.:...

C.i. Acid Yellow 59 Chemical Dyestuff , Acid Orange Nm-2rl

Color: Yellow Application: Nylon,silk,wool Dyeing   C.I. Acid Yellow 59 Chemical Dyestuff  , Acid Orange NM-2RL   Acid dyestuffs suitable for netural dyeing series Description   Acid dyestuffs suitable for netural dyeing series     Used as for nylon,silk,wool dyeing Specifications   Acid Dyes suitable for netural dyeing series NO. C.I. NO. Colour  Sample specif-ication Products name  type Application suitibility 5 C.I. Acid Yellow 59       100  Acid Yellow NM-2GL netural metal complex Dyes nylon...

C.I. Acid Yellow 59 Chemical Dyestuff , Acid Orange NM-2RL

Model No:HY020105

Min. Order:1

C.I. Acid Yellow 59 Chemical Dyestuff , Acid Orange NM-2RL Acid dyestuffs suitable for netural dyeing series Description Acid dyestuffs suitable for netural dyeing series Used as for nylon,silk,wool dyeing Specifications Acid Dyes suitable for netural dyeing series NO. C.I. NO. Colour Sample specif-ication Products name type Application suitibility 5 C.I. Acid Yellow 59 100 Acid Yellow NM-2GL netural metal complex Dyes nylon,silk,wool dyeing 6 C.I. Acid Orange 89 100 Acid Orange NM-2RL netural m...

INDIGO DyestuffIndustry Vat Dyes Red Yellow For Cotton , Po

Min. Order:1

Delivery Time:30 Days

vat Dyes used in cotton , polyester / cotton blended fabric , etc. Quick Details Name: vat Dyes Colour: Red yellow green black blue brown orange violet Appearance: Powder/granular Usage:cotton,polyester/cotton blended fabric Expiration Date:36 months Strength: 50%-200% INDIGO, probably the oldest dye known to man, is one of the most important members of this group. Natural indigo extracted from the plant 'Indigofera tinctorie' was used by the Egyptians in 200 BC. The first synthetic indi...

Acid-resistant Red porcelain tile-03

Model No:AS15012E-73

Product Details Basic Specification Color Reds / Pinks material Ceramic function Acid-Resistant, Antibacterial, Firebrick, Heat Insulation, Non-Slip, Soundproof, Waterproof, Wear-Resistant, other Feature Other Size other Technique full body tile type Borders, Roofing Tile, Wall Tiles, other, outdoor tile Detail Description   Item Name Red porcelain tile Item No. AS17043B-72 Material Ceramic Color Red Chip Size 250*40mm     Thickness 13mm Surface Treatment Unglazed Tile Water Absorption Rate ≤0.5...

Acid Black Att 4092 (100%) Usage for Dying Leather

Model No:4092 (100%)

Product Description Packaging & Delivery Packaging Detail: 25kg or 40kg Iron Drum/ Fibre Drum/Carton, or meet the requirements of customers Delivery Detail: WITHIN 2 WEEKS Specifications 4092 Acid Black ATT Leather Dyestuffs Strength: 100%, 130% Type: Acid Dye Application Acid Dyes are effective on protein fibers, i. E. Animal hair fibers like wool, alpaca and mohair. They are also effective on silk. They are effective in dyeing the synthetic fiber nylon but of minimal interest in dyeing any...

Best Selling Tartaric Acid Dryer

Model No:GFG-150

Description: Tartaric Acid dryer is formed when a quantity of a solid particulate substance (usually present in a product container) is placed under appropriate conditions to cause the solid / binding agent mixture to behave as a fluid. This is usually achieved by the introduction of pressurized fluid through the particulate medium. These results in the product move up and down and disperse into the air between the filter bag housing and the product container. The resulting phenomenon is called ...

Acid Red 97

Model No:10169-02-5

Min. Order:1

Acid Dyes are Dyes that are commonly applied to textiles at low pH and consist of acidic molecules. When Acid Dyes are dissolved, the process of dyeing with Acid Dyes mainly takes place in water and therefore can interact with the dyed material. Acid Dyes are highly water-soluble and have better light fastness than basic Dyes. Textile Acid Dyes are effective for the dyeing of protein fibers such as silk, wool, nylon and modified acrylics. They contain sulfonic Acid groups, usually present as sod...

Alfa Chemistry

New York Holtsville

Industry grade clear colorless 99.8% glacial acetic Acid

Model No:64-19-7

1. For the manufacture of carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC). 2, in the pharmaceutical industry for the preparation of synthetic caffeine, adrenaline, amino acetic Acid, vitamin B6, chlortetracycline and other intermediates. 3. In the pesticide industry, it is used as an intermediate for the preparation of dimethoate, naphthaleneacetic Acid, thiocyanate, isobutyl ester, herbicide 2, 4D, herbicide and the like. 4. It is used in the dye industry to produce indigo and naphthylaminoacetic Acid Dyes. 5. I...

Where to Buy Sodium Nitrite Food Grade Price

Min. Order:1

Product Application(Sodium Nitrite) Uses as a coloring agent in the processing of meat products. Used as a general analytical reagent, oxidizing agent and diazotizing reagent. Also used in the synthesis of nitrites and nitroso compounds. Used as mordants, bleaches, metal heat treatment agents. Electroplating corrosion inhibitor, used as a disinfectant, preservative in medicine, etc. Used as mordant, bleach, metal heat treatment agent, electroplating corrosion inhibitor, used as instrument disinf...

Gallnut extract Pharmaceutical Grade Tannic Acid

Model No:YH-GOP-3

Min. Order:25

Applications of Gallnuts Extract Tannic Acid 1.Gallnuts Extract Tannic Acid are applied in food filed,gallic Acid can be produced into wine, canned, condensed juice and other more nourishment; 2.Gallnuts Extract Tannic Acid are applied in cosmetic industry,gallic Acid used as active ingredients of skin care products; 3. Gallnuts Extract Tannic Acid are Widely applied in pharmaceutical grade 4. Gallnuts Extract Tannic Acid are applied in Dyes, chemicals and organic synthesis, as well as in the ...

hematoxylin for staining

Min. Order:25

Delivery Time:21 Days

Hematoxylin Detailed introduction: Synonyms: hematoxylin;h(a)ematine Molecular Formula: C16H14O6 Molecular Weight: 302.28 Cas No.: 517-28-2 Melting Point:200°C Hematoxylin-eosin staining (hematoxylin-eosin staining), referred to as HE staining, paraffin section technology commonly used in one of the dyeing method. Hematoxylin is alkaline, mainly in the nucleus of the chromatin and the cytoplasm of the ribosomes purple blue; Red for the Acid dye, the main cytoplasm and extracellular matrix in t...

Intermediate Chemicals Mono Chloroacetic Acid 98%

Model No:DL-lys

Min. Order:10

Chloroacetic Acid used for pesticide and organic aynthesis intermediates. as acidulant of starch adhesives. also in dyestuff, pharmaceutical, agrochemical, synthesis material and other organic synthesis intermediates. Chloroacetic Acid is a important carboxymethylated agent, usually used for the preparation of sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, ethylenediamine tetraacetic Acid etc., also used as a flotation agent non-ferrous metal, chromatography reagents, etc. Other name: Mono-chloroacetic ac...

Pinolenic Acid Carrier Red Pine Nut Oil Softgel

Model No:HSB--S04

Min. Order:100

Hong Song Bao softgel, main ingredients : organic pine nut oil. which is cold pressed by pine nut kernel from Changbai moutain. has function of pine nut oil, also evening primrose oil, but improved taste, and absorbed easily and efficiently. It fits for adult and the old, could decrease blood lipid and lower cholesterol. Hong Song Bao group,head office Jilin Painuo Biological Technology Co.,Ltd, established in 1996, business scope from pine nut kernel, pine nut oil to omega 3 and omege 6 lipid p...

ammonium sulfate

Model No:2

Min. Order:21MT

Ammonium Sulphate CAS No.: 7783-20-2 Molecular Formula: (NH4)2SO4 Molecular Weight:132.14 Structural Formula: Properties: Ammonium Sulphate has PH value is 5.5 in 0.1M solution. Density 1.769 g/cm3 (20°C). Ammonium Sulphate is hygroscopic; soluble in water; insoluble in acetone, alcohol and ether. Main active ingredients are 21% nitrogen and 24% sulfur, so it can be described as NPK 21-0-0 24S. Generally, it is a by-product from chemical (cyanuric Acid, c...

Dyeing Acid HAC-CP

Model No:HAC-CP

Dyeing Acid HAC-CP is composite Acid type organic Acid, mainly used for doing pH adjusting agent for textile dyeing, and having stable pH buffer capacity. Features and Benefits As pH adjusting agent for dispersion, cationic, Acid Dyes Containing buffer, stable pH, and stain without adding other buffers Improve dye uptake and color brightness, good color fastness. Irritating smell lower than glacial acetic Acid, less volatile, easy storage. Same dosage with glacial acetic Acid, but low price. B...

Basic Blue 26,victoria Blue B,basic Blue Dyes Manufacturer In China 

Basic Blue 26,Basic blue dyeYou Can Buy Various High Quality Basic Blue 26 Products from Global Basic Blue 26 Suppliers and Basic Blue 26 Manufacturers---EMPEROR PIGMENT company based in Hangzhou,China. Properties and Applications: bright blue. Deep purple or celadon powder. Soluble in hot water and cold water for blue, soluble in ethanol also to blue. The strong sulfuric Acid to Red light brown, for yellow to green after diluted, and then into a blue. The dye solution to join sodium hydroxide d...

Pigment Red 112 - Suncolor Red 73112 

1. Pigment Red 112 Product Information 1) Product name Suncolor Red 73112 2) Color index name Pigment Red 112 3) Chemical type Mono azo 4) Molecular formula C24H16Cl3N3O2 5) CAS No. 6535-46-2 6) EU No. 229-440-3 2. Pigment Red 112 Molecular Structure 3. Pigment Red 112 Synonyms and relative trade name Cosmenyl Red FGR(CLAR),Permanent Red FGR 02(CLAR), Suimei Fast Red GR(KKK), Colanyl Red FGR 100(CLAR), Kenalake Red BRS(ACL) 4. Pigment Red 112 Physical Properties 1) PH Value 7 2) Specific gravity...

Tannic Acid

Tannic Acid(Pharmaceutical Grade) CAS: 1401-55-4 Spc.: BP/AP "Appearance: light yellow to light brown powder,Quality index: BP 1993, AP1995 . Uses: pharmaceutical tannic Acid, used for antimicrobial, treat tinea, detoxify, stop dysenterys, lso used in the synthesis of sulfonamide synergist Storage: Moistureproof and avoid light, sealed storage Packing: plastic bag lined carton, Net wt 25kg " Tannic Acid(Tech Grade) CAS: 1401-55-4 Spc.: the national standard of GB5308-85. "Appearance: light yello...

Nourishing Rose Facial Mask best quality of Red wine brand

Model No:JML-002

Product Details Basic Specification sheet material silk Gender Both Feature Other Ingredient Other Mask Type Face Mask Mask Form Sheet Material Silk Detail Description Nourishing Rose Facial Mask best quality of Red wine brand    For all skin   Ingredients: Water,glycerol,hyaluronic Acid,Lubraje oil,rose essence,amino Acid moisturizer,Red Wine Polyphenols ,methylparaben,diazolidinyl urea\\IPBC,PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil,essence Net weight:   30gx6PCS/Box   HOW TO USE: 1. Apply 1 to 2 times p...

Rechargeable Emergency Light, Sealed Lead-Acid Battery

Model No:PL090AN-L-new

Completely self-contained operation Sealed Lead-Acid battery Red LED indicates charging Injection moulded fire-retardant ABS polyester base with side knockout cable entry Injection moulded fire-retardant polycarbonate gear tray and acrylic diffuser Specifications: Input voltage: 110 to 127V at 50/60Hz, 220 to 240V at 50/60Hz Charging current: 120mA (nominal) Lamp: 90-piece white LEDs Duration time: >8 ours Installation: portable, wall surface mount Weight: 1.2kg Operating temperature:  -10 to...

Lignosulphonate Acid Sodium Salt

Model No:MN-2

lignosulphonate Acid sodium saltProduct IntroductionThe sodium lignosulfonate, which is prepared from alkaline pulping black liquor through filtration, sulfonation, concentration and spray drying, and is a powdery low air-entrained set retarding and water reducing admixture, belongs to an anionic surface active substance, has absorption and dispersion effect on the cement, and can improve various physical properties of the concrete.Application1. Can be used as a water-reducing admixture for conc...

Dispersing Agent - Sodium Salt of Polynaphthalene Sulphonic Acid - CAS No 36290-04-7

Model No:PS

Sodium salt of polynaphthalene sulphonic Acid CAS No: 36290-04-7 Chemical name: Dispersing Agent NNO Molecular formula: (C10H8O3S)n. (CH2O)n. XNa Appearance: Brown powder Compose: Naphthalene sulfonate formaldehyde condensate Ion Type: Negative ion Solubility: Easy to soluble in water Application: This product is light yellow to yellow-brown powder, an anionic surfactant. It is soluble in water, Acid, alkali and hard water, good dispersion properties. With protein and polyamide fibers have affin...

Cyanine3 carboxylic Acid

Model No:1144107-76-5

Min. Order:1

Cyanine3 carboxylic Acid Appearance: Red powder Molecular weight: 493.08 Molecular formula: C30H37ClN2O2 CAS number: 1144107-76-5, 1361402-15-4, 1251915-29-3 [I-] Solubility: soluble in organic solvents (DMF, DMSO, dichloromethane), insoluble in water Quality control: NMR 1H, HPLC-MS (95%) Storage conditions: Storage: 24 months after receival at -20°C in the dark. Transportation: at room temperature for up to 3 weeks. Avoid prolonged exposure to light. Desiccate.

Great Quality 4-Methylsalicylic Acid Best Sell

Min. Order:1

Delivery Time:5 Days

Basic Info: Name:4-Methylsalicylic Acid Apearance:Red hair powder CAS: 50-85-1 MF:C8H8O3 MW:152.15 Shipment:EMS,DHL,TNT,UPS,Fedx Package:disguised Payment: Bank Transfer,Bitcoin,WU,MoneyGram Fluorescent Red 5B Chinese synonyms for fluorescent Red 5B; fluorescent Red YJR-1 Red 5B Fluorescent English alias: Red C.I.Solvent 52; Red Solvent 52; H5B Red CAS number: 81-39-0 EINECS number: 201-346-7 Molecular formula: C24H18N2O2 Molecular weight: 366.42 Application and synthesis method of fluorescent r...

Great Quality 4-Methylsalicylic Acid Best Sell

Min. Order:1

Delivery Time:5 Days

Basic Info: Name:4-Methylsalicylic Acid Apearance:Red hair powder CAS: 50-85-1 MF:C8H8O3 MW:152.15 Shipment:EMS,DHL,TNT,UPS,Fedx Package:disguised Payment: Bank Transfer,Bitcoin,WU,MoneyGram Fluorescent Red 5B Chinese synonyms for fluorescent Red 5B; fluorescent Red YJR-1 Red 5B Fluorescent English alias: Red C.I.Solvent 52; Red Solvent 52; H5B Red CAS number: 81-39-0 EINECS number: 201-346-7 Molecular formula: C24H18N2O2 Molecular weight: 366.42 Application and synthesis method of fluorescent r...

fashion Red glitter party hats for women

Model No:KLB32

Delivery Time:15 Days

Specifications fashion Red glitter party hats for women 1 More than 200 colors 2 resistant high temperature 3 Anti-water Acid,   fashion  Red glitter party hats for women 1. Eco-friendly material,no harm to human&animals 2.Anti-water,Acid,long time color maintance,not easy fade 3. High tempeature resistance (PET:190°c,PVC:70°c) 4.Excellent brightness,enhance the visual effect,make a shiny&colorful effect 5. Multi shape such as star,moon,heart,square,hexagon ect 6. More than 200 colors 7....

Acid Black 2

HANGHZOU EMPEROR CHEMICAL CO,,LTD web:www-chinainterdyes-com Product Name: Acid Black 2 C.I. No.: 50420 CAS No.: 8005-03-6 Molecular Formula: C22H14N6O9S2-3.2[NA] Molecular Weight: 616.49 Shade:Black Relative name: Acid Black No 2;Acid Black WR;Acid Nigrosine;Acid Nigrosine 02P Cryst;Acid Nigrosine Black;ADC Nigrosine Black-B;Akacid Nigrosine WB Cryst;Akacid Nigrosine WB Pdr/Cryst;Classic Acid Black ;ConacidBlacB;Cylcotone Black WSY Liq;Dayglo Add Black 2 ;Dinacid Nigrosine WS;Dyacid Nigrosine...
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