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LC1-D09 LC1-D12 New design Ac Contactor

Model No:BC1-D09/12 AC Contactor

Min. Order:100

New designed Magnetic Ac Contactor, BC1-D series New designed Ac Contactor,belongs to our BC1-D series products,which combined with the auxiliary contact block, timer delay & machine- interlocking device etc, it becomes the delay Contactor, mechanical interlocking Contactor, star-delta starter. With the thermal relay, it is combined into the electromagnetic starter. It with a new face appear to the user with high quality. The Ac Magnetic Contactor use the fresh nylon material, no recycled ma...

magnetic Ac Contactor price/2015 hot sale

Model No:Air Condition AC Contactor

 Air Condition Ac Contactor  Contactor Technical Data                                               Contactor Standard IEC60947-4 Rated Operating Current(A) 09, 12, 18, 25, 32, 40, 50, 65, 80, 95 Number of Auxiliary contact 10, 11 Contactor Coil Frequency 5 – 50Hz; 6 - 60HZ; 7 – 50/60Hz Contactor Coil Voltage Us(V) 24, 36, 48, 110, 127, 220, 230, 240, 380, 415, 440, 480, 500, 600, 690 Protection Grade IP20 Installation On symmetrical DIN rail 35mm Poles 3P, 4P     MC Contactor General Specificat...

Sale High Quality Safe Ac Contactor

Model No:KNC1-95 (LC1-D95)

Min. Order:100

KNC1 series Ac Contactor is suitable for using in the circuits the rated voltage up to 660V Ac 50HZ or 60HZ, rated current up to 40A, for making & breaking, frequently starting & controlling the Ac motor. This product conforms to the requirement of IEC60947-4-1&GB14048.4 standards. our company have more than 1500 workers and 100 expert engineers who can produce one container of our products in less than 5 days. Annual production is as follows; MCB 15 million poles, RCCB (thermal ty...

KONE Elevator Ac Contactor 230VAC KM277404

Model No:KONE KM277404 SIEMENS 3RT1045-1AL20 230VAC

Min. Order:10

KONE Elevator Ac Contactor 230VAC KM277404 KM277404 KONE Contactor 230VAC 80A 50/60HZ 37KW KM284120 Replaced by KM277404 CONTACT VOLTAGE 400V COIL VOLTAGE 230VAC MAIN CONTACTS 3NO APPLICATION Ac AND DC CONTACT CURRENT 80A KDH - KDH - Drive Family V3F25 - V3F drive for MX18 gearless Axial Machinery. KONE 3000S Monospace KONE Alta KONE MiniSpace KONE MonoSpace Special KONE TranSys MMS ReSolve 10 ReSolve 20 ReSolve 40 Original KONE Elevator Spare Parts Guaranteed Via. CEP Elevator Products Co...

Vacuum Ac Contactor CHV-450/3.6

Model No:CHV-450/3.6

Min. Order:1

CHV-450/3.6(1.14) Contactor has the same performance and function with Baker Ac Contactor, while it's more aligned with Chinese National Standards on some parameter index, Contactor has independent drive with insolating function and the ability of breaking short time current. It has current/voltage mutual inductor which can realise the zero-current-break and comprehensive protection function; adopt quick pipe connection mode which is easy to use and maintain; highly integrated with small size an...

good reliability ingenious design 380V 800a Ac Contactor

Model No:CJX2-32

Min. Order:1

CJX2 series Ac Contactor is applicable to circuit of Ac 50Hz (or 60Hz) rated operating voltage 1000V,current 6-800A.It controls Ac motor for a motor or a long-distance breaking circuit which starts frequently.Combined with an appropriate thermal overload relay, the Contactor can work as an electromagnetic starter to protect a circuit that may operate at an overload. The applicable standards : IEC60947-4-1

LC1-F power magnetic 3p Ac Contactor

Model No:LC1-F

Min. Order:20

LC1-F power magnetic 3p Ac Contactor CJX2-F(LC1-F) Series power magnetic 3P Ac Contactor (the following are called Contactor ), it is used in 50Hz or 60Hz, with special coil ,which can be used in the circuit of 40-400Hz, voltage up to 660V,current up to less than 630A and be used for putting through and breaking the main circuit and also for frequently starting and controlling motor it can unify the general electrical equipment such as all kinds of relay ,which can use...

Xinli Electric

Zhejiang Wenzhou

Schneider Ac DC Contactor

Model No:LC1D

Min. Order:1

Schneider Contactor LC1-D0601B5N LC1-D0601B7N LC1-D0601CC5N LC1-D0601F5N LC1-D0601F7N LC1-D0601M5N LC1-D0601M7N LC1-D0601Q5N LC1-D0610B5N LC1-D0610B7N LC1-D0610CC5N LC1-D0610F5N LC1-D0610F7N LC1-D0610M5N LC1-D0610M7N LC1-D0610Q5N LC1-D0901B5C LC1-D0901B5N LC1-D0901B7C LC1-D0901B7N LC1-D0901CC5NLC1-D0901F5C LC1-D0901F5N LC1-D0901F7C LC1-D0901F7N LC1-D0901M5C LC1-D0901M5N LC1-D0901M7C LC1-D0901M7N LC1-D0901P7C LC1-D0901Q5C LC1-D0901Q5N LC1-D0901V7C LC1-D0910B5C LC1-D0910B5N LC1-D0910B7C...

Crane Contactor

Model No:WH

Min. Order:10

The Ac Contactor for crane is suitable for the circuit with frequency 50Hz and voltage to 690V. Crane Contactor is mainly used as the starting switch and commutation of Ac motor of a overhead crane, gantry crane, suspension crane, jib crane, or other special crane. It has the characteristics of no spark, strong anti-interference ability, long service life and convenient maintenance. The crane Contactor can completely solve the defects such as contact wear, adhesion, falling off, mechanical jam, ...

Anti-electricity shaking permanent magnetic Contactor

Model No:AMCF

Delivery Time:10 Days

Magnetic Ac Contactor Energy Saving Equipment can hold the Contactor without tripping when the continuous production line suffers transient voltage loss and power loss (commonly known as electricity interference) in the power supply system because of lighting strike and short circuit. The operation of turning on and off is the same with conventional Contactor. When the blackout time exceeds the limit time, the Contactor will trip and has avoided electricity interference and kept a continuous pro...

Schneider electric PLC&Contactor

Model No:whole

Min. Order:1

SCHNEIDER 064360 ZCKY13 SCHNEIDER 064581 XCK-J10513 SCHNEIDER 074291 XCK-J10513H29 schneider 0822 010 822 schneider 0830 100 385 schneider 0830-100-460 SCHNEIDER 140ACI03000 SCHNEIDER 140ACI03000 SCHNEIDER 140ACI03000 CDK3-2R-160 SCHNEIDER 140ACO02000 SCHNEIDER 140ACO02000 SCHNEIDER 140ACO13000 SCHNEIDER 140ACO13000 SCHNEIDER 140...

Smart Electrical Key Card

Model No:Key Card

Min. Order:1

This Key card switch can save energy, the light will turn on when you insert the card, and it will turn off when you take off the card. Suitable for decoration of home, office building, starred hotel, hospital, warehouse and so on. It is easy to install and operate.When entering the rooms, the guests have to insert the room card into the Energy Saving Switch to turn on the illumination system. While leaving the room, the guest draw the room card; then the power supply will be shut off by the Ene...

MZ-630 Vertical Welding Welder for Carbon ARC Gouging

Model No:MZ-1000

Min. Order:1

MZ-1000 Welding welder for electrode welding Characteristics: 1. Be composed of welding tractor,control system are welding rectifier. 2. MZ-Series Multi-purpose Arc Welding Rectifier. 3. Main circuit adopts SCR rectification technology with double anti-star balancing reactor,filter reactor to realize stable performance and high reliability. 4. Unique control circuit design,C.C&C.V output are available ,applicable to SAW,MMA,carbon arc gouging ,electroslag snd so on. 5. Compensational functio...

New mechanical automatic stirrup rebar bending machine

Model No:GF20 CNC

Min. Order:1

Automatic stirrup rebar machine new mechanical steel bar bender Model GF20 GF20CNC GF25CNC Voltage 3-380V-50HZ or others 3-380V-50HZ or others 3-380V-50HZ or others Motor Model Y90L-4 Y90L-4 Y100L2-4 Motor Power 2.2KW 2.2KW 3.0KW Motor Speed 1440r/min 1440r/min 1440r/min Bending Common Carbon Steel Φ4 – Φ20 Φ4 – Φ20 Φ4 – Φ25 Bending Deformed Bar Φ5 – Φ16 Φ5 – Φ16 Φ5 – Φ20 Weight(kg) 92±5 92±5 92±5 Dimension (mm)(L*W*H) 800×520×820 800×520×820 800×520×820 Product Picture why choos...

Eps sandwich roof panel production line

Model No: 1000

Min. Order:1

Eps sandwich roof panel production line Sandwich panel is very light weight. (1/40 to 1/10 of common brick).It is high strength, warm conservation, water proof, convenient for construction, short construction period etc. As the ideal constructional material, they can be used to build warehouses, workshops, wide range roofing, air-conditioned houses and so on. Eps sandwich roof panel forming machine is designed for production of eps eps as a core of sandwich panel roof,with automatic cutting....

Mini CNC Glass Cutting Table

Model No:XTC-1311

Min. Order:1

XTC-1311 Mini CNC Glass Cutting Table: Product Description Quality Assurance ultra thin glass cutting machine price With Discount This automatic ultra thin glass cutting machine is used for cutting ultra thin glass,. Suitable for OLED glass, optical glass, crystal glass, display glass, mobile phone touch screen glass, glass, cutting process of OGS ultra-thin glass, high cutting efficiency, good accuracy, high yield and simple and convenient operation, no technical requirements for operator...

air to water heat pump

Model No:LRIA/C-9, LRIA/C-12, LRIA/C-18

Min. Order:10

Advantage and benefits Working air temperature range from -10℃ to 45℃. Max. outlet water temperature up to 60℃ Multiple protections and electric heater backup function. Automatic controlling system to ensure energy-saving of hot water heating system up to 75%. Model LRIA/C-9 LRIA/C-12 LRIA/C-18 Power supply V 220V~240V/50Hz/1ph Heating capacity KW 9 13.5 16.5 BTU 30717 46075 56314 Input power KW 2.15 3.28 4.01 COP 4.19 4.12 4.11 Rated current A 10.3 15.7 19.2 Fan motor power W 90 90 90 Fan motor...

31400 DC24V/AC220V Solenoid Coil

Model No:BB13038510

Min. Order:1

31400 DC24V/AC220V Solenoid Coil This 31400 solenoid valve coil is applied to ERA SIB Type WF0.5H/WF0.6H/WF0.9/WF1/JA1BXN/W0.6/EN52060/EN52081-06 Solenoid Valves. It is made of thermosetting material. The most common material for thermosetting of electromagnetic coil is BMC material. It is a material with high temperature resistance and waterproof preference and has good resistance. High-pressure capability, while electromagnetic coil thermoplastics are most commonly PA66 glass-containing materi...

Copeland Air Cooled Refrigeration Condensing Units

Model No:Atlascool

Min. Order:1

Copeland Air Cooled Refrigeration Condensing Units Features: Copeland Hermetic scroll compressor; Copper tube-Aluminum Fin air cooled condenser; High quality famous brand refrigeration parts; can be updated to Danfoss brand; Box type design, water-proof, dust-proof, quieter; Built-in electric components are optional Low temperature condensing unit components: Compressor; Axial fan; Receiver; EMERSON filter drier; EMERSON sight glass; EMERSON HP/LP pressure controller; pressure guage; oil separat...

Angle steel Root Milling Machine

Model No:GQC

Min. Order:1

Applicable Industry: The machine used for milling angle root mainly in the field of angle steel tower industry, electric power fittings, structure storage facilities, and steel structure construction industries etc. Product Feature: 1. According to request it can do a single-stage and continuous cutting. 2. Operation of this machine is simple, reduced operational requirements of workers. 3. Machine with high degree automation, can achieve a continuous, intermittent feeding, effectively imp...

Portable Hydraulic Concrete conveying transport pump

Model No:XG45-40

Min. Order:1

Product description This product is a large concrete conveying equipment for concrete transportation of large concrete projects such as high-rise buildings, high-speed buildings and overpasses. Composed of pump body and conveying pipe.This product has the characteristics of large displacement, high pressure, labor saving, flexible movement and so on. An ideal fine stone mortar conveying equipment Product Usage It is used for tunnel excavation and maintenance of road and bridge dam mine constru...

vertical aluminium alloy hardening furnace

Min. Order:1

Delivery Time:30 Days

Introduction of the structure The structure of the electric furnace is composed of support, shell, lining, door, heating elements, ventilation mechanism, lifting mechanism of basket, charging trolley and electric and temperature control system. 2.1 the bracket is welded with section steel, which is used for sheltering the furnace body. Cross support is adopted on one side of the bracket to facilitate the installation of 6 typhoon cooling fan (the fan is provided by the user). 2.2 the furnace she...

Walk in Cold Room for Frozen Fish

Model No:CSR07

Min. Order:1

Walk in frozen room Cold Storage Room With Bitzer , Copeland Compressor, is for the storage of fruits, vegetables, and certain other products, cold-storage facilities are built that contain rooms in which,along with the required temperature and humidity conditions, an atmosphere consisting of air with a specific gas compositionis maintained. Features of All set Cold Storage Room: 1. Panel thickness: 50, 75, 100, 150 ,200 mm 2. Cooler panel types: polyurethane cooler panel ...

Conversion Cabinet manual / automatic ATS cabinet

Model No:ET000091

Min. Order:1

Manual Conversion Cabinet / automatic ATS cabinet. Automatically cabinet: The unit autostarts, splitting control and automatic shutdown; ComAp1G Series modules (for selection) or the United States GAC. Machine module, modular layout and the cabinet body, product automatic reach diesel generator technical conditions and grading requirements, load distribution is less than 5%. Product Description: Semi-automatic, automatic three cabinet type. Manual and cabinets: Manual process is completed and ...

Powder Coating Spray Booth

Model No:HYJ-29

Min. Order:1

HengYiJia is a professional spray powder booth, powder spraying booth, powder coating booth, powder coating chamber, powder booth, spray powder booth, powder coating booth, powder coating spray booth manufacturer, factory, plant and supplier, we are always at your service. Specifications powder coating spray booth: 1.good service after sale 2.excellent quality 3.competitive price Product description: We are specialized in coating line, complete electrostatic powder coating systems, paint coa...

screen printing machine with UV dryer

Model No:LC-E6090A+UV

Min. Order:1

Product description Screen printing machine with UV dryer LC-E6090A+UV, this machine loading by hand, then automatic screen printing, with mechanical arm can uloading the product from screen printer to UV curing machine. The major parts are imported components, so as to ensure the precision of the machine and the quality stability. This machine is widely used in printing of cigarette, wine, gifts, and cosmetics package, printing of trademark, wall calendar, oil painting, computer keyboard, new ...

GC16-5 bell-nouth Terminals

Model No:GC16-12

Min. Order:1000

Our line in the operation of the nose, in fact, that is, to pay attention to the perforation welding needle is accurate positioning, furthermore, in terms of its size, has the certain place if more appropriate and balanced, and, in this way, it also is to have a good weldability, that is, will help us to insert and welding. For head weld line nose but cannot be released, in one word, we actually also is to pay attention, it mainly is in sterling silver contact easier for welding.Moreover, for th...

Constant Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber

Model No:TY-9010

Min. Order:1

Equipment description: this equipment is mainly for electrical and electronic products, as well as its components, and other materials under high temperature, low temperature, damp and hot environment of storage, transportation and use suitability test. IT is mainly used for the product according to the national standards or set requirements, users under the condition of experiment, the characteristics of physics and other related products environmental simulation test, and to judge the performa...

926L cylinder Refrigerant Gas R404a price

Model No:R404A

Min. Order:500

For the same compressor, the current of R404A is greater than R22, so the diameter of the Ac Contactor, thermal relay and cable of the compressor should be adjusted. In terms of system protection, the setting value of the high pressure switch is adjusted from the original 2.45MPa to 2.7MPa.. Because the saturation pressure of 404A is different from that of R22, the test pressure of air tightness is greater than R22.. At the same time, the vacuum degree of the system is higher than that of R22, a...

Press left and right arm fittings

Min. Order:10

Delivery Time:7 Days

The center subordinates CNC matching area,WEDM-LS area,WEDM-MS area,Milling machine area,Grinding area and mould assembling area.We provide one-stop mould solution through ERP mould integrated management and CAD/CAM/CAE technical design.Our mould R&D and productions ability rank top in domestic industry. Product Name Precision stamping mould Material SKD11, SKD 61, Cr12 MOV ect Design Software Auto CAD, PRO/E, Solid works, UG(NX), Cimatron Standard ISO9001-2015 Mould type Punching pro...

Grill motor stator and rotor

Delivery Time:90 Days

Loss of voltage and undervoltage (low voltage) protection. In order to prevent the motor from starting and running under low voltage, and when the motor is suddenly switched off in the operation, and then restart the power supply, the voltage loss and under voltage protection are generally adopted. The electromagnetic mechanism of Ac Contactor, the voltage release of circuit breaker, the undervoltage release and voltage relay of self coupling decompression starter can both play the role of out o...

-115~-50 degree industrial water glycol chillers

Model No: CDLJ-60W

Min. Order:1

Description 1.Temperature ranges from - 5 ~ - 150 degrees, can meet different temperature 2.Adopt environmental protection refrigerants 3.Famous brand semi-closed piston compressor, semi-closed bipolar piston compressor, semi-hermetic screw compressor, main brand are BOCK. Bitzer, Copeland, Hanbell, fusheng; Plate heat exchanger, Small volume, High efficiency 4.Top imported cold controller(DANFOSS pressure controller, balance valve, expansion valve, solenoid valve, filter drier, Emerson oil sepa...

Mingwei Construction Self-Erecting Tower Crane Qtz63 (5610) with Max Load: 6t / Jib 56m

Model No: Qtz63 (5610)

Min. Order:1

QTZ63 (TC5610) tower crane 1. Max. Load: 6t 2. Jib length: 56m 3. Tip load: 1.0t 4. Free standing height: 40m 5. Max. Height: 150m 6. Mast section: 1.833*1833. *2.5/1.6*1.6*2.5m 7. Maximum rated torque (KN. M): 630 8. Reliable performance, good looks, reasonable price and advanced safety features, Also is the ideal construction machinery of Small and medium-sized construction enterprise. Item Performance Parameters 1 Max. load 6t 2 Jib length 56m 3 Tip load 1.0t 4 Free standing height 40m 5 Max....

JH21-63T Pneumatic Sheet Metal Punching Machine for electric elevator processing

Model No:JH21-63T

Min. Order:1

We are Free Member because we strive to put every penny on products, rather than the endless advertising. As is known to all, whatever you're given, you pay for. So, do please equally treat the Premium Member and Free Member. (More information please refer to LOTTYES com, download PDF file, or feel free to contact us anytime) Introduction: JH21 Series High Precision Presses is one of the new generation of plate process developed by Lottyes Machinery Co., Ltd. It is used for cutting, punching, bl...

S-D4520 Packaging Shrink tunnel wrapping machine

Model No:S-D45

Min. Order:1

BS-D4520 Packaging Shrink tunnel wrapping machine Shrink tunnel machine, Shrink tunnel wrapping machine,Shrink machine ChinaCoal02 BS-D4520 Shrink Tunnel Machine Introduction 1 It adopts Schneider Ac Contactor, high-power Solid state booster and intelligent temperature controller to make temperature system more accurate, prolong the working life. 2 It adopts solid roller conveyor, the rollers wrapped with high temperature silica gel tube. It can stand heavy product and difficult abraded (...

Printed paper roll to sheet cutting machine

Model No:DP-1000CQ

Min. Order:1

printed paper roll to sheet cutting machine paper roll to sheet cutting machine advantage as below : Servo motor control ---more precision then Stepper motor control , so we already Eliminated stepper motor machine Brand name use : Delta or Mitsubishi paper roll to sheet cutting machine PLC ----- use famous brand MITSUBISHI which you will easily maintenence in your local place Touch screen operation and switch operation together paper roll to sheet cutting machine Machine body ----- 20 mm thickn...

Ac Contactor

Specifications I can do 1pole,2pole,3pole,if you want to know more information,please contact me

Seat sealing tool , Cement retainer

Min. Order:1

Delivery Time:30 Days

China Hedele Energy Equipment Co., Ltd The MSR mechanical setting tool is used for the lowering and setting of the MMR sleeve valve cement retainer The special curved spring design allows a mechanical setting tool of one size to be used in a variety of sizes; The upper slip is in a safe and reliable position when the well is down; A stack of tubes can be used for setting, tubing pressure testing and cementing operations; Can be quickly configured to seat MMR cement retainers or MMB bridge plug...

globe valve SHV20 supplied by yoyik

Model No:SHV20

Dongfang Yoyik Engineering Co., Ltd is specialized in producing, manufacturing and selling industrial spare parts, as well as providing products of famous brands. Since 1989, our products have being widely used in various industries from power, oil, chemical, electronic, gas to environmental protection, fire-fighting equipments and nuke industry. globe valve SHV20 evel oil thermometer YWZ-500T 300MW turbine D20 main oil pump bearing sleeve CEL-3581F/G Ultrasonic level meter filter LH0330R20BN/...

pump discharge filter AP3E301-02D01V/-w BY YOYIK

Model No:AP3E301-02D01V/-w

Min. Order:1

Dongfang Yoyik Engineering Co., Ltd is specialized in producing, manufacturing and selling industrial spare parts, as well as providing products of famous brands. Since 1989, our products have being widely used in various industries from power, oil, chemical, electronic, gas to environmental protection, fire-fighting equipments and nuke industry. pump discharge filter AP3E301-02D01V/-w OPC solenoid valve STERLING HYDRAULICS 230VDC 19W PAT5002253 LVDT Position SensorTDZ-1E-021 0-175 ZJ-20-13 bol...
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