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Betaine Hydrochloride 98% (Feed additives )

Model No:98% pure

Delivery Time:2 Days

Specifications Betaine Hydrochloride 98% (Feed additives ) 1.White crystal 2.improve the immune functions 3.stimulate animal's scent and tas Betaine Hydrochloride 98% (Feed Aditives ) Formula: (CH3)3NCH2COO                                         Description: Free-flowing, light brown to white crystal  Functions: 1. It can improve the immune functions and prevent the fatty liver, accelate the fat metaboly. 2. Through reducing the enzyme energy which is made by venter fat or subcutaneous fat, it ...

Manfacturer of Food Additive Feed And Food grade Calcium Propionate

Model No:001CP

Delivery Time:15 Days

Food Additive Feed And Food Calcium Propionate Dear friends,     Food Additive Feed And Food Calcium Propionate we can supply Benzoic Acids  products and Propionate  Acids  products, the quality of our products is reliable. Please contact us and we will suprise you with satisfying price. Specification Index FCC-V E282 Content 98.0-100.5%(anhydrous basis) min 99%, (105C,2h) pH of a 10 % aqueous solution -- 6.09.0 Loss on drying max 5.0% max 4.0%(105C,2h) Heavy metals (as Pb) -- max 0.001% Fluorid...

Honeysuckle Flower Extract

Model No:HY99

Product Name: Honeysuckle Flower Extract CAS NO: 327-97-9 Test Method: HPLC Part Used: Flower Active Ingredient: Chlorogenic acid Specification: Chlorogenic acid>20% Appearance: Yellow to brown powder Molecular formula: C16H18O9 Molecular weight: 354.30 Description: In Traditional Chinese medicine, honeysuckle flowers are among the important herbs for clearing heat and relieving toxicity. This herb relieves "fire toxicity" manifesting itself as hot, painful sores or swellings of the eyes, thr...

Modified Starch-Soft Candy

Model No:GSCMDStarch-SoftCandy116

As professional corn starch manufacturer and distributor in China, Global Starch Co., Limited have own native corn starch and modified starch factories which can offer our clients quality starch series products, we also use our own corn starch as raw material to produce many starch derivatives and natural food ingredients as well as Feed Aditives, main products include: 1. Food ingredients such as corn starch(maize starch), liquid glucose(glucose syrup), maltodextrine, dextrose monohydrate and s...

Sciphar Supply 100% Natural Honeysuchle Flowers Extract Powder

Delivery Time:3 Days

Specifications 1.Factory 2.Excellent R&D ability 3.ISO9000,HACCP 4.Good Service 5.10 years experience     Product Description   Honeysuchle Flowers Extract 10:1 Product informationProduct Name: HoneySuchle Flowers Extract /Chlorogenic Acid Botanical source: Lonicera japonica Thunb. Or Lonicera acuminata.Wall.Specification: Chlorogenic acid 10%, 15% (HPLC) Molecular formula: C16H18O9 Molecular weight: 354.31CAS No: 327-97-9 Solubility: Good solubility in water Melting point: 205-209° Appearan...

high quality magic Honeysuckle P.E. Flowers Extract powder/ Chlorogenic acid 4-98%

Model No:Botanical Extract

Delivery Time:3 Days

high quality magic Honeysuckle P.E. Flowers Extract powder/ Chlorogenic acid 4-98%   Product Description   Product Name: Honeysuckle P.E. Flowers Extract / Chlorogenic acid 4-98% Specification: Chlorogenic acid 98%, 99% (HPLC)Molecular formula: C16H18O9CAS No: 327-97-9Einecs No: 206-325-6Molecular weight: 354.31Solubility: Good solubility in waterMelting point: 205-209Appearance: Fine crystal white powder                                               Specification   Product Name Honeysuckle P.E....

Small scale pellet Feed unit

Model No:Pelle feed

Product Details Basic Specification Pellet Feed unit Small capacity Power(w) 39-91.75kw Type Feed (grass) Processing Machinery Size Large Detail Description Small scale pellet Feed mill has the character as follows:   1. Capacity:   0.5-1.5 t/h pellet Feed. The sieve’s aperture of hammer mill is φ2.0~φ2.5mm, the sieve’s aperture of pellet mill is φ3.0~φ6.0mm, compress ratio is 1:8. Producing pig and chicken Feed,it is necessary to accurately regulate.   2. Max Power:   39.0-91.75 kw for pellet f...

high quility animal Feed fish meal in india

Model No:Feed Grade

Delivery Time:15 Days

  high quility  animal Feed fish meal in india      Specification: Item Fish Meal Protein  55% - 68% min Moisture 10% max Fat 10% max  Salt 3% max Sand 3% max  Ash 17% max         Quality assurance  

1-30t/h Poultry Feed mixer/animal chicken Feed mixing machine/cattle small Feed mill mixer price for sale

Model No:Animal feed mixer,poultry feed mixer

1-30t/h Poultry Feed mixer/animal chicken Feed mixing machine/ attle small Feed mill mixer price for sale  -----SLHY vertical type Feature: 1. Cross section of sylinder round,mixing without dead corner;barrel wall plot-free,     side discharge amd direct pack/OR opened discharge door at the bottom connected     next machine in the line 2. Mixed: uniformity of variation<5%,mixing time 180-300s 3. Widely used in medium and small Feed plant and farming industries              1-30t/h Poultry fee...

022n02232 Xerox Pickup Feed Speration Roller New

Model No:Xerox 4600 4620 Pickup/Feed Roller

Min. Order:10

China 022n02232 Xerox Pickup Roller Feed Roller Speration Roller New Thank you for spend time to see our Samsung printer parts of pickup roller and seperation pad. in order to let you experience the pickup roller and seperation pad details, bellow message is provided which you can find pickup roller and seperation pad pictures and other information. Please read bellow pickup roller and seperation pad before using Samsung printer parts. so that you can correctly use it. Model :Xerox 4600 4620 Pi...

Complex enzymes for animal Feed especially for pig

Model No:Complex Feed Enzymes SFS-056

Min. Order:100

DESCRIPTION: Complex Feed Enzymes (SFS-056) is designed according to the characteristics of livestock`s (especially the pig or piglet ) digestive system and their feedstuff nutrition through biological tests. Each enzyme is made from excellent strains through liquid deep fermentation and extraction technology. The functions of the Animal Feed Complex Enzymes are as follows: 1. It can destroy the plant cell wall, so as to release the cell content adequately and improve the feedstuff utilization....

Growth Promotion Agent 30% Compound Betaine Chicken Feed

Model No:feed additives

Min. Order:1

Growth Promotion Agent 30% Compound Betaine Chicken Feed 1.Feed Additives compound betaine Compound betaine is made through the carrier absorption from pure betaine. It`s a quasi-vitamin, a new aquatic growth promoters, neutral and has changed the drawbacks of acidic of betaine hydrochloride. If it mixes with other materials, there won`t be any chemical reaction in the Feed 2. Compound Betaine Technique specification Assay: ≥30% Appearance: Yellow Particle Moisture: ≤4.0% Heavy Metal (Pb): ≤30...

Feed enzyme

Model No:feed grade

Min. Order:0.5ton

Feed enzyme One. Product presentation Feed enzyme for meat and poultryis one of complex enzyme, which is designed according to poultry physiological characteristics and Feed raw materials. This Complex enzyme is mainly the non-starch polysaccharide enzymes, with other enzymes including the protease and amylase , which can well suit for character of the poultry digestive tract. The product through many optimization experiment, which can well digest non-starch polysaccharide, improve the use rat...

animal Feed additives--lysine hcl

Model No:feed grade

1.animal Feed additives--lysine hcl 2.Use:Amino acid for animal additive Commodity:L-Lysine Monohydrochloride Molecular formula C6H14N2O2HCL Molecular weight 182.56 H.S code 29224110 CAS 657-27-2 Lysine is the necessary amino acid for the animal but which can not be synthesized by themselves. Therefore, it is called “the most restrained amino acid”.L-lysine monohydrochloride is a kind of Feed add-itives which is made from corn starch and other raw materia-ls.The producing of L-l...

Double conical screw auto-Feed sheeting machine

Model No:Double conical screw auto-feed sheeting machine

Double screw extruder of china Size XJPS-75350 /XJPS-160400 Purpose Designed to forcibly extrude and sheet compounded rubber, plastic, synthetic resin or nonmetallic material in continuous production, it has high efficiency and is ideal for working with mixers or dispersion mixers. 1. This machine is comprised of the two main parts, i. e. the double conical-screw extruder and the two-roll sheeter. The design is compact and rational, and makes the maintenance convenient. 2. The stepless speed reg...

Double conical screw auto Feed sheeting machine

Model No:Double conical screw auto feed sheeting machine

Purpose Designed to forcibly extrude and sheet compounded rubber, plastic, synthetic resin or nonmetallic material in continuous production, it has high efficiency and is ideal for working with mixers or dispersion mixers. 1. This machine is comprised of the two main parts, i. e. the double conical-screw extruder and the two-roll sheeter. The design is compact and rational, and makes the maintenance convenient. 2. The stepless speed regulation with the AC frequency control technology or the DC...

China (Guangzhou) International Feed Industry Exhibition2014

Model No:feed

Date: August 26th-28th, 2014 Venue: Guangzhou Pazhou · China Import and Export Fair Complex The biggest Feed industry exhibition of South China China Market·A huge market around the globe Since 2010, China has leaped to the first place, becoming the world`s largest Feed producer, covering Feed ingredients, Feed additives, Feed processing, Feed machines, education, scientific research, testing and other fields. Feed industry now plays a fundamental role in national economy. In China, Guangdong Pr...

Maute Manufacturing Plant for Animal Feed

Model No:Manufacturing Plant for Animal Feed

Product Details Basic Specification Type Manufacturing plant for animal Feed Range All kinds of animal Feed Output cylindrical pellet & powder Capacity 2-40T/H Voltage frequency 3 phase, 380V, 50Hz Power Source Other Level Of Automation Other Size Other Detail Description                  Introduction for Manufacturing Plant for Animal FeedWe are able to provide animal Feed complete engineering solutions, including total planning, civil engineering, steel construction, storage system, Feed p...

Betaine Feed additives

Model No:feed grade

Product Details Basic Specification Molecular Formula C5H11NO2 Purity 96% 98% PH 4.0-7.0 Form Powders Efficacy Promote Nutrition Molecular Weight 117.15 CAS No. 107-43-7 Detail Description Betaine AnhydrousBetaine anhydrous, also known as betaine or betaine base, has been widely used in such areas as cosmetic, food and Feed.[Synonyms]: Betaine base,Glycine betaine,Methanaminium;  Hydroxide 1-carboxy-N,N,N-trimethyl-[Product Code]: SB02[CAS NO.]: 107-43-7[EINECS NO]: 203-490-6[Molecular Formula]:...

Brother 926 Feed-off-the-arm Sewing Machine with Puller

Model No:926 brother feed off the arm sewing

With puller Brother 925, 926, 927 Feed-off-the-arm made in Japan MOQ: 1 set Delivery lead time: 3 - 10 days No samples FOB price: $1300-1500 Major export markets: Asia Australasia Central/South America Eastern Europe Mid East/Africa North America Western Europe

Standard Feed Grade Chitosan Feedstuff With Low Heavy Metal

Model No:Feed grade

Min. Order:1

Standard Feed Grade Chitosan Feedstuff With Low Heavy Metals And Low Ash Quick Detail : Feed Grade Chitosan is extracted from chitin, insoluble in water but soluble in dilute acid and absorbed by human body. As the first derivate, it's chemical constitution is macromolecule alkalescent polysaccharide polymer with cation. It has peculiar physical, chemical properties and bioactive function Description : Chitosan is extracted from crab shell or shrimp shell. It is white or off-white amorphous ...

Copper Sulphate Pentahydrate (Powder)

Model No:feed grade

Copper Sulphate Pentahydrate Copper takes a part in synthesis of hemoglobin, synthesis and activation of some enzymes in animals. Copper, iron and cobalt are called Haematogenous elements. Lack of copper will incur anemia, myasthenia of limbs, ataxia and arrest of development. High dosage of copper (100~250mg per kg Feed) can improve growth and lower Feed consumption. Copper Sulphate CuSo4.5H2O Cu 25.0%min Pass 420μ M Sieve; 95% Light blue powder Pb 0.001% max As 0.0004% max

Feed Pump, Truck Feed Pump, Hand Feed Pump, Auto Feed Pump, Fuel Feed Pump, Truck Parts Feed Pump, Truck Feed Pump

Model No:Feed Pump

Feed Pump, Truck Feed Pump Hand Pump, auto Feed Pump, auto parts Feed Pump, truck parts Feed Pump, Feed Pump, Truck Feed Pump Hand Pump, auto Feed Pump, auto parts Feed Pump, truck parts Feed Pump, Feed Pump, Truck Feed Pump Hand Pump, auto Feed Pump, auto parts Feed Pump, truck parts Feed Pump, Feed Pump, Truck Feed Pump Hand Pump, auto Feed Pump, auto parts Feed Pump, truck parts Feed Pump, Feed Pump, Truck Feed Pump Hand Pump, auto Feed Pump, auto parts Feed Pump, truck parts Feed Pump, Truck...

Shaanxi Succeed Trading Co., Ltd.

Haosheng Shidai Room. 2305 6th Building

Corn Gluten Feed 18%Min

Model No:Polifar-Corn Gluten Feed

Product performance: Corn gluten Feed is the covers of corn. It still has some starch left. It can be made into wet fiber and dry fiber and the latter is Usually to be baked by pipe. It is mainly used for raising milk cow and it is very effective to increase the output of milk. It is mainly used for Feed factory, especially for raising pig, but it needs to smash before using.

Feed Additive Beta-Carotene Powder (10% Cws Feed Grade)

Model No:10% Cws Feed Grade

Appearance: Free-flowing red-orange Microcapsule Content: Min. 10.0 Usage: Feed additive Package: 25kg/bag Product Identification Synonym β , β -carotene CAS No. 7235-40-7 EINECS No. 230-636-6 INCI name Carotene E No. E 160a Loss on drying ≤ 8.0% Heavy metals (as Pb) ≤ 0.001% Arsenic ≤ 0.0003% Pb* ≤ 0.0002% Hg* ≤ 0.00001% Cd* ≤ 0.0001% Particle size (US Standard sieves) 100% through sieve No. 20 Min. 85% through sieve No. 40 Max. 15% through sieve No. 100 Assay ≥ 10.0% Microbial tests Aerobic ba...

Manganous Carbonate (Feed Grade)

Model No:Feed Grade

Yuejiang Brand-Manganous Carbonate(Feed Grade) is rosy triangle crystal or amorphous brown powder. Specific weight is 3.125, almost insoluble in water, soluble in diluted inorganic acid, slightly soluble in organic acid salt. It is widely used in ferrite, desulfurization, fertilizers, pharmacy, agriculture etc.

High Pressure Multistage Boiler Feed Water Pump

Model No:High Pressure Boiler Feed Water Pump

High Pressure Boiler Feed Water Pump, We are professional manufacturer for High Pressure Boiler Feed Water Pump, High Pressure Boiler Feed Water Pump is with high and stable quality, and we have made many water pump solutions for many customers.1. Multistage centrifugal2. Inlet and outlet are both at horizontal3. Small vibrationTSWA Horizontal Multistage Centrifugal PumpFeatures:TSWA Multi-stage Centrifugal Water Pump is a new product which is developed according to our national public security'...

Feed Grade Animal Feed Additives 98.5% L-Threonine

Model No:98.5% Feed Grade

SpecificationsL-THERONINE Feed GRADE(98.5%)CAS No.: 72-19-5Appearance: White to Off White PowderMF: C4H9NO3Packaging: 25kg/bag, 20MTL-THREONINE Feed GRADE(98.5%)CAS No.: 72-19-5Appearance: White to Off White PowderMF: C4H9NO3Molecular weight: 119.12Usage:Threonine is an important kind of analeptic which fortifies cereal, pastry and dairy products. Like tryptophan, it rejuvenates human bodies and promotes the growth of infants. When applied in pharmaceutical field, threonine can moisten human ski...

Nutricorn Co., Limited

Shandong Zibo City

Animal Feed Grade Coated Sodium Butyrate 30% 70% 90%

Model No:feed grade

Specifications 1. Coated Sodium Butyrate 30% 50% 90% Feed grade 2. Free sample 3. Factory price, Fastest delivery Coated Sodium Butyrate 30% 50% 90% Animal Feed grade Factory price Product Name: Coated sodium butyrate 30% 50% 90% Packing: Coated sodium butyrate 25kg/bag Appearance: White or off-white micro-capsule granule Production Method: Spray drying Features: No moisture absorption feature, special fat stink, Good flowability, no dust, and easy mixing; Won't be decomposed in stomach; Gradual...

Feed Pump 096140-0030

Model No:Feed Pump 096140-0030

Hello, this is maria from Hong Beng Diesel Pump Co., Ltd. HongBeng Diesel Pump Factory as one of the top factory in China. Specialize in producing high quality and reasonable of diesel engine parts, like Fuel injection system parts, nozzle, plunger, element, delivery valve, repair kits, Fuel injection, Feed pump, fuel pump, hand primer, spacer, ve pump parts and so On *Packaging: HB, weifu or as requested. *Goods material: High Speed Steel or GCR15 steel. *Minimum order: 10 pieces for each item....

Ricoh Jp1230 Feed Tires C231-2831

Model No:Ricoh JP1230 Feed tires

Company Information: We can supply all kinds of duplicator spare parts for Ricoh, Riso, Duplo, Gestetner. All our product can be guaranted, all is in high quality. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Product Description Model: Ricoh JP1230 Feed tires OEM-PN: C231-2831 Package: Neutral package or OAT package Compatible/Original: Yes/Yes Stock: Available ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The ...

Animal Feed Production Line (Turn-Key)

Model No:10000-600000tong/year Turn-key Feed Project

Turn-key Project:We have an elite team that is experienced in the design, manufacture and installation of agricultural machinery as well as a deep understanding of agricultural engineering.According to your demands, from design to debug, we can do all the work for you.1T/h -- 20T/h livestock Feed production line;1T/h -- 20T/h poultry Feed production line;1T/h -- 10 T/h Fish Feed production line

PP Woven Laminated Horse Feed Bag

Model No:pet feed bag

Laminated PP woven bag use for rice wheat corn flour 1)material: Glossy/matte BOPP laminated PP woven 2)PP woven: Mily white 3)width: 50cm 4)color printing: 5color 5)GUSSET: 8cm, 10cm... 6)sample lead time: 7days 7)Delivery time: 20days 8)Payment Terms: T/T 9) Widely used for holding animal Feed, fertilizers, wheat, rice, foodstuffs, salt, cement, plastic resins and construction materials and so on.

Zinc Oxide 99% Feed Grade (SGS ISO)

Model No:99% Feed grade

Zinc Oxide 99% Feed grade Zinc oxide is zinc oxide, hardly soluble in water, soluble in acid and alkali. It is a white solid, so also known as Chinese white. It can burn through zinc or roasting sphalerite (ZNS). In nature, the zinc oxide red zinc mineral is the main component. Although there are two kinds of methods: Artificial zinc oxide by pure zinc oxide or charred zinc ore. Zinc oxide as additive in a wide variety of materials and products, including plastic, ceramic, glass, cement, lubrica...

99.5% Feed Zinc Oxide

Model No:feed grade

Nature: The white or the decadent powder, the density 5.606, the melting point 1975º C, is one kind of intermediate oxide, does not dissolve in the water or the ethyl alcohol, dissolves in the acid and alkali solution. When high temperature assumes the yellow, after the cooling, restores the white. Characteristic: 1, st, the zinc oxide and other zinc source compare, unit zinc cost obvious low, favors the low Feed additive the cost, the recruitment is equal to the sulfuric acid monohydrate zinc 4...

Augers/Feed Screws

Model No:Augers and Feed Screws

Product Description We are professional Augers and Feed Screws factory for the Plastic, Food & Bulk Handling Industries We are able to employ many of our advanced service options, such as CNC turning, CNC milling, splining, hardface welding, OD grinding, polishing, and straightening, to manufacture a line of augers and Feed screws to be used by the plastics, food, and bulk handling industries. Following is the steel grade that we use for Augers and Feed Screws 4340 HT carbon steel with harde...

Dicalcium Phosphate 18% Feed Grade

Model No:Feed Grade

1. Dicalcium Phosphate Feed Grade 2. Appearance: White powder or Granule 3. Phosphate: 18% 4. ISO 9001: 2008&SGS&BV 5. Best prices Product performance: Auxiliary Feed for livestock and especially used in layer Feed and promix Feed, poultry and aquatic animal. It can promote Feed digestion, put on animal weight, raise laying rate or producing milk rate, oure diseases such as rickets, osteomalacia and anaemia ect. Packing: 25kgs/bag, 50kg/bag and Ton bag Shelf Life: 730 days. Product perfo...

600-1500kg/H Chicken Feed Pellet Machine with Ring Die

Model No:feed pellet machine

600-1500kg/h Chicken Feed pellet machine              Chicken Feed pellet machine has adopted gradeless speed-adjusting motor to Feed  and installed ferromagnetic magnet system,overload protection device and a limit switch to  make sure the security.            Chicken Feed pellet machine can press the raw material like:corn,soybean, wheat bran,fish meal,bone meal and son to Feed the animal,for example:chicken,duck, fish, pig, sheep,rabbit and so on.            Chicken Feed pellet machine ,befor...

Feed Grade, Nano Zinc Oxide, 97%Min

Model No:Nanometer / feed grade

Feed grade--Nano zinc oxide In Feed industry, nano zinc oxide Feed grade has a super high biological activity and absorption rating. With its strong capacity of oxidability and sterilization, it can effectively reduce animals' diarrhea rate and non pollution to environment, so it is a ideal substitude for high-zinc Feed additives. Nano zinc oxide is kind of super micro-fine powder with great specific surface area and surface energy. It can be widely used in many industrial fields such as Oil des...

Small Poultry Animal Feed Pellet Machine for Homeuse

Model No:9PK feed pellet machine

 I. Raw material of small Feed  pellet mill   This small Feed pellet mill issuitable for sawdust, corn cob, corn stalk, peanut shell, rice husk, cotton stalk, dry grass,  crop stalks  and so on II. Main parameter III. Application for small Feed pellet mill     This small Feed pellet mill machines are suitable for making the biomass, sawdust pellet, etc. It has been installed with the electrical control box. Also making the oil cake for the feedstuff , which it could be granule /pellet for the fi...
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