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100% pure Agarwood Oil,oud oul,aloeswood Oil

Thai Borai Agarwood Co.,Ltd.,Our Agarwood Oil is high quality &100% pure Agarwood Oil , Premium AAA grade,100% pure Agarwood Oil,aloeswood Oil,gaharu Oil,oud Oil,oudh Oil,We are the biggest manufacturer of Agarwood Oil (aloeswood Oil,oud Oil, oudh Oil, gaharu Oil ),We are the biggest of Agarwood Oil distillation plant and experts in 100% pure Agarwood Oil distillation process,Can see our company more details at www.agarwoodking.com

Agarwood Oil

Model No:AO15-01

Delivery Time:1 Days

 About Agarwood   Agarwood, or Oudh, is a dark resinous heartwood that forms in Aquilaria trees when they become infected with a type of mold.   Prior to infection, the heartwood is relatively light and pale in colour. However, as the infection progresses, the tree produces a dark, aromatic resin that is embed in the heartwood.   The resin is commonly called Gaharu, Jinko, Aloeswood, Agarwood, Oudh or Chen Xiang and is valued in many cultures for its distinctive fragrance. It is widely used for ...

High Quality Agarwood Oil With Low Price

Model No:fzl-065

Delivery Time:2 Days

  High Quality Agarwood Oil With Low Price   High Quality Agarwood Oil With Low Price introduction    This unit is popular in production of Chinese medicines, health products, Biological drugs, cosmetics and food, it use technology of biological and chemical separation, can extract Plant components efficiently by steam distillation, have good effect in collecting essential Oil from plants.    High Quality Agarwood Oil With Low Price Distillers Advantage   1.  This equipment is made stainless ste...

Factory Supply 100% Pure Agarwood Oil Agarwood Essential Oil Agarwood extract

Model No:RLBO-1

Introduction: Botanical Name : Aquilaria agallocha   Common name: Agarwood, oudh, agalocha   Plant family: Thymelaeceae   The Oil is steam distilled / solvent / Co2 extracted from Agar wood trunk. It is found in India, China and South East Asian countries. The chemical composition of Oil is sesquiterpenes and phenyl ethyl chromones. The Oil is brown, semi solid in appearance and has aromatic sweet spicy fresh odor. It is used in perfumery and pharmaceuticals   UsesThe Agarwood Oil is also used i...

stainless steel essential Agarwood Oil distiller

Model No:JC20

Delivery Time:15 Days

Agarwood Oil distiller   Description of Agarwood Oil distiller:      This beautiful and multi-function distiller can be used as a fabulous gift item or for beginners who interested in the art of distilling essential Oil and hydrosol in small batches from plants in your garden.such as Lavender,Rosemary,Pine and Fir Needles,Peppermint,Eucalyptus Leaves etc.   It also can be use for for home, small business, aromatic therapy aromatic, school. Leisure farm. Vanilla cultivation, the peasant associati...

Osmanthus essential Oil,osmanthus Absolute essential Oil

Delivery Time:7 Days

Osmanthus Oil, Osmanthus essential Oil,osmanthus Absolute essential Oil       Osmanthus essential Oil appearance: Golden osmanthus supercritical extraction, green yellow viscous Oil like liquid, volatile slow;     Odor: Osmanthus essential Oil is a sweet scented osmanthus flowers smell fragrant aroma of natural, elegant     Osmanthus essential Oil ingredients: n-octyl aldehyde,ethyl ionone,two hydrogen ethyl ionone,geraniol,nerol,linalool,linalool oxide etc.           Osmanthus Essential Oil Use...

Home use Agarwood Oil distiller producted by BSC

Model No:LSZL-100-D

Home use Agarwood Oil distiller producted by BSC Product Description What is essential Oil distillation and extraction   Essential Oil distillation and extraction is through steam distillation Essential Oil extracted from aromatic plant, which is most commonly used Essential Oil extracted, cleanest way. Why do we use the distillation way   95% of the aromatic plant essential oils can be extracted by distillation to obtain.Distillation of essential oils does little harm to ingredients of essentia...

Bulk Pure natural Absolute Jasmine Oil

Model No:Jasmine essential oil

Delivery Time:2 Days

Jasmine essential Oil     Product Description   Items Specification Results Remark Appearance Clear, Light yellow to yellow -brown oily liquid Conforms   Aroma With Characteristic odour. Conforms   Etract method Supercritical CO2 Conforms   Solvent Absent Conforms   Specific gravity (d2020) 0.940~0.984 0.9567   Refractive index (nD20) 1.462 ~ 1.488 1.4732   Heavy Metals (as Pb) <10 mg/kg Conforms   As <0.5mg/kg Conforms   Pb <0.5mg/kg Conforms   Cd <0.5mg/kg Conforms   Hg <0.1mg/k...

Agarwood Oil

Model No:FW

Product Description 1. Basic Information CAS No. 94350-09-1 FEMA   Formula   M.W.     2. Description Natural essential Oil 3. Specifications Appearance Viscous liquid Odor Characteristic Agarwood aroma Relative Density   Refractive Index     4. Application Fragrance ingredient, aromatherapy Packaging & Storage • Stored in a cool, dry and well ventilated place and out of direct light • Kept away from sources of heat or ignition • Containers well sealed when not in use More Products   About Us...

Private label wholesale moisture hair moroccan argan Oil

Model No:moroccan argan oil

Delivery Time:7 Days

Private label wholesale moisture hair moroccan argan Oil   Product Description Moroccan argan Oil Before and After: Item name Private label wholesale moisture hair argan Absolute hair Oil  Packing  By glass bottle Place of origin Guangzhou,china Loading port Huangpu,Guangzhou Shelf life  3 years Imprinted methods silkscreen Certificate ISO9001.2000 Other certificate Any certificate can be applied after we confirm the order  OEM OK Usage  For damaged hair Payment terms&methods T/T, Western Un...

Agarwood Oil

Model No:02

Rich, thick and dark brown Oil and great scent. welcome to contact us for more details.

Heat Resistant/Super Oil Repellency/Oil Field/Impact Glove - 7937

Model No:7937

Delivery Time:30 Days

  Heat Resistant Super Oil Repellency Impact Glove   The Factory is Compliant with ISO 9001: 2008     Product Description Features and Advantages - CE Certificated 1. Treated synthetic leather palm base layer & fourchette for Absolute water & Oil resistant 2. Heat resistant cowsplit side leather palm patch, DRY & WET grip, even soft after washing 2. Blue Oil repellent fabric (AATCC 6) back, high breathable & strectable 3. Special soft TPR sewn on fingers and knuckle guard for imp...

2016 Touchhealthy supply Natural 100% organic rose essential Oil

Model No:THP0545

Delivery Time:3 Days

                                                         Factory Wholesale bulgarian rose Oil,100% pure rose Oil bulgarian   Essential Oil can be used in incense, massage and physical therapy products. There are two kinds: one is compound essential Oil; the other is 100% pure essential Oil. It can make people feel relaxed both in body and mind, so it can keep people from disease and aging.   For example: 1) Rosemary: clear-headed, enhance memory, return to active 2) Chamomile: guard against alle...

activated bleaching earth/ fuller clay for Agarwood Oil

Model No:activated clay

Delivery Time:7 Days

Specifications activated bleaching earth fuller earth 1) Strong decoloring-ability 2) Good adsorption 3) High filtration speed  activated bleaching earth /bentonite earth /fuller clay   We are one of the professional manufacturer and exporters of bleaching earth in China who sell the bleaching earth by the brand of "BEST " our annual output of bleaching earth is reached at 10thousands tons. The quality of our products is at the top in this industry. It is equivalent to some famous brand such as ...

High Quality July Standard Power Stroke Adjustable Hydro Pneumatic Cylinder (JLDB)

Model No:JLDB

High quality JULY standard power stroke adjustable hydro pneumatic cylinder(JLDB)Fast speed hydro pneumatic cylinders ,it is driven by compressed air ,easy to operate .     Charaters:     Hydro-pneumatic cylinders offer higher fast-stroke forces by pressure on air and Oil ring area. These hydro-pneumatic cylinders   have Absolute air-Oil separation with no Oil mist in workroom. They are also energy saving using 80% less compressed air   compared with pneumatic cylinders. There is no spiral sprin...

ZYD Insulating Oil Regeneration System


Min. Order:1 SET

Application: The ZYD series is specifically designed for purifying and regenerating the used insulating Oil such as transformer Oil, mutual Oil, switch Oil, etc. Also it is the best choice of filling Oil into power equipment and drying moistened power equipment. Feature: Ideal for insulating Oil clean up and transfer For large power transmission equipments above 110KV Eight models available to accommodate various flow rates Continuously removes free water down to 5 ppm or less Fluid cleanliness ...

Auto Plant Oil Filling Equipment

Model No:Auto Plant Oil Filling Equipment

Min. Order:1

Small Packing equipment(PLC order procedure) 1. This model uses high-precision flow meter, and real-time temperature acquisition of Oil to compensate for density variations due to temperature generated, thereby effectively ensure filling measurement precision. 2. The volume and quality of the two kinds of measurement methods can be freely converted. 3. The unique head design and filling the vacuum suction system to ensure that no residual Oil drip filling process, slow down after two-speed fi...

multi-function transformer Oil purifier

Model No:ZYB-50 Oil Purifier

Min. Order:1

This machine is widely applied to areas of power station, transformer substation, railway, petroleum, chemical and metallurgy. This machine is also a special facility of electric power and industrial enterprise for treatment of various kinds of insulation Oil including non-conformable transformer Oil, mutual inductor Oil and circuit breaker Oil, as well as a best choice for vacuum oiling of power equipment and drying moisture of power Features: 1. Bi-infrared liquid Duplex 3D s...

Oil treatment, Oil separator, Oil lubrication, Oil recycling, Anti-fuel Oil Oil filter machine (oilpurifiermelody@126.com)

Model No:LK-200

Function The series filter press dedicated to generating units fired anti-governor system of hydraulic Oil,purification filters, the Oil equipment to take fully into account the characteristics of the local all-stainless steel and special sealing materials from refined to ensure that materials and anti-fuel Adaptability, not to corrosion, does not leak. The equipment is degassing, dehydration, deacidification, broken emulsion, with the exception of impurities, such as multi-functional Absolute O...

Chongqing Zhongke oil purifier manufacture Co., Ltd

oilpurifiermelody@126.com, Yan Chongqing

transformer Oil treatment purifier

Model No:sino-nsh vfd insulation oil purifier

VFD-Double-Stage High-Efficiency Vacuum Insulation Oil Purifier Application VFD series is mainly used to improve the properties of insulation Oil. It can remove trace water, gas, particulate matters etc. from the insulating Oil effectively and rapidly so as to boost performance of transformers, circuit breakers, mutual inductors, cable and capacitors which has insulation system. VFD series specialize in purifying branded Oil, insulating Oil of high voltage and super high voltage transformer. Add...

Oil Filtration System Trailer-mounted Hi-vac Transformer


Min. Order:1 SET

High vacuum Oil purifiers are designed for treating electrical insulating Oil in the Oil-filled electrical equipments. Through the dehydrator, degasification, filtration processes, the dissolved gases and moisture, solid particulate, contamination can be completely removed. Our quality vacuum Oil purifier is widely used in factory workshops,power transmission and generation station. Utilizing our high vacuum Oil purifier, the quality of insulating Oil can be upgraded and the deteriorated Oil...

Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier, Oil Filter, Oil Recycling

Model No:Oil Purifier ZYD

Min. Order:1

ZYD high vacuum Oil purifiers are designed for use in treating electrical insulating Oil in the Oil-filled electrical equipment.Through the dehydrator, degasification, filtration processes, the dissolved gases and moisture, solid particulate, contamination can be completely removed. ZYD vacuum Oil purifier is widely used in factory workshops,power transmission and generation station. Utilizing ZYD high vacuum Oil purifier, the quality of insulating Oil can be upgraded and the deteriorated Oil c...

Insulating Oil regeneration and Transformer Oil purification machine

Model No:ZYD-I

Delivery Time:7 Days

Application: It is mainly used for purifying the insulating Oil, transformer Oil, mutual Oil, switch Oil, dielectric Oil and so on. The series ZYD-I Double-stage vacuum Transformer Oil regeneration purifier not only provide dewaters, degases and remove impurities, but also remove acidity, sludge, free carbon, other soluble Oil decay products and discoloration. Also it can vacuum filling Oil to transformer, vacuum dry transformer and on-line operation transformer. Because Series ZYD-I have d...

72hp Pills The Woman Feels Absolute Oil Sex Medicine, Stimulate With No Side Effect, No Rebound

  72hp Pills The Woman Feels Absolute Oil Sex Medicine, Stimulate With No Side Effect,   No Rebound   Description: The product synthesizes adoption of palace method. Used many kinds therapy to restore virility, strong semen, urge make love, through the science method refined, as soon as  wipe can make the blood circulation, produce to warm up to feel, cause labium, clitoris to swell up, product the sex excitement, and shorten the sex respond time, as soon as possible attain the infinite pleasant...

Amino silicone Oil

Model No:Amino silicone oil

Amino silicone Oil Features: Amino silicone Oil is a double side-chain amine groups with amino-modified polysiloxane, its structure:R1 (CH3) 2Si0 [(CH3) 2Si0] m [(R2) (CH3) Si0] nSi (CH3) 2R1 Specifications: Amino silicone Oil Appearance: colorless to pale yellow liquid Viscosity (25 ℃, cps ) : 200 - 100 000 Specific Gravity (25 ℃): 0.965 ~ 0.989 PH value: 6-8 Refractive Index (nD25): 1.394 ~ 1.426 Ammonia: 0.1 ~ 1.2 Amino silicone emulsion appearance: light blue, transparent to translucent liqu...

Vacuum Hydraulic Oil Purification Plant,Coolant Oil Renewable Machine

Model No:TYA

Min. Order:1

The harmful effects of particulate and moisture contamination in hydraulic and lubrication oils have been well documented. By maintaining Absolute fluid cleanliness, end-users can dramatically increase the life of critical wear components on rotational equipment, minimizing downtime and maximizing profitability. We designs and builds the most effective, durable, and user-friendly vacuum dehydrators on the market today. Special engineered design features maximize the water extraction rates of our...

Oil Regeneration Machine, Oil Purification Machine, Oil Purifier

Model No:ZYB-100 Oil Regeneration Machine

Application:This machine is used for overhauling and installing the electric insulating equipments which are running as energized, such as transformer, Oil switch, and mutual inductor. Also it is especially applied to regenerate and purify the seriously exhausted insulating Oil and make the oils reach the international standard.Features:1. Besides the common vacuum Oil purifier's function of dewatering, degassing, and eliminating impurities, this machine can regenerate the seriously exhausted oi...

Oil Pressing & Refinery Plant (30T/D Peanut Oil Refinery)

Model No:30T/D Peanut Oil Refinery

PRESSING & REFINERY PLANTOur factory is specialized in Oil engineering design\ installation\ debugging\ training service, etc. So we can disign different equipment list according to customers' special request, such as: 1. How much capacity you need for one day; 2. What's your raw material; 3. Which grade of refined Oil you need; Though the unremitting efforts, we have been successfully installed (for example): REFINREY PLANT: ******30T/D soybean in Zambia; ******6T/D soybean in Heilongjiang ...

Fully Automatic Transformer Oil Bdv Measuring Instruments (iij-II)

Model No:BDV-IIJ-II-100KV Oil Tester

Product Description High Accurate Insulation Oil Medium Strength tester 100kv, Timely to display the statistics data, CE; ISO certificates Application: IIJ series fully automatic Oil tester is designed as per the requirement of IEC156 Testing Method of Insulation Oil Medium Strength, which via proper programming, has got functions of auto boosting, step down, stirring, display and print out. After breakdown of Oil medium, HV break off will operate within 10 seconds to enable an auto isolation of...

New Type Rice Bran Oil Equipment

Model No:Rice Bran Oil Equipment

Product Description Extraction Patent No.: ZL2007 20092291.7; Refinery Patent No.: ZL200820238863.2; ISO9001: 2000/EQ We are the first and the biggest manufacturer in the field of rice bran Oil machinery in China for 22 years. Our brands Huatai&Hangpeng won TOP 10 Cereals&Oil Machinery Brand in 2012. We have obtained 7 patents and 13 honors for rice bran Oil equipment. Rice bran Oil machine Specifications: 20T/D----1000T/D (daily processing capacity) The whole production line contains th...

Handmade Realism Portrait Oil Painting From Photo


Oil Painting (Portrait Oil Painting, Wedding Oil painting, canvas Oil painting)We are good at making Oil paintings from customers' photos, such as portrait Oil painting, children Oil painting, wedding Oil painting, family Oil painting, pets Oil painting, truelife scenery Oil painting, etc.1.100% handmade on canvas / wood board2. Any sizes are available3. Quickly delivery4. High quality (100% quality satisfaction guarantee)5. No minimum order limited (1 PC is available)6. Sell in most competitive...

Amino silicone Oil IOTA100

Model No:Amino silicone oil

Min. Order:50

Amino silicone Oil IOTA100 Amino silicone Oil, also known as amino silicones, is mainly applied in textile finishing, the material of manufacturing silicone emulsion, smoothing agent and softener. There are different styles when you select different amino silicones in fabric finishing. The series of Amino silicone Oil Can obtain satisfactory result for wool, cotton, chemical fiber fabrics. Technical indicators: Appearance: colorless to yellowish liquid Viscosity (25℃, m.pas): 600-100000 The spec...

Highly Effective Vacuum Automatic Lubricating Oil Purifier

Model No:Vacuum Automation Lubricating Oil Purifier Series TYA-A

Min. Order:1

Highly Effective Vacuum Automatic Lubricating Oil Purifier Application Series LY-A is special for purifying all kinds of lubricating Oil such as the hydraulic Oil, mechanical Oil, coolant Oil, gear Oil, and heat treatment Oil and so on. This machine can operate automatically (don`t need the person when it is working). According to the lubricating Oil`s nature, this machine can rapidly remove water, gas, particulate matters and impurities from lubrication Oil, so guarantee lubricating system of m...

45X70X14/17casstte Oil sealing 12015392B Oil seal for tractor

Model No:casstte oil seal

Min. Order:1

1. Product Name:45X70X14/17casstte Oil sealing 12015392B Oil seal for tractor 2. Size: Standard Size 3. OEM: NOK, SOG, NAK, NQK SIMIRT etc 4. Material: NBR 6. Color: all 7. Type: casstte 6. Application: automotive,cars, motorbike, excavating machinery hydraulic cylinder 8. Brand: AWARDON or Neutral 9. Quality: ISON9001:2008 10: Sample: Free samples Packaging Details: 1.Customary packing 2.Customized Packing: As buyer's requirement 3.Neutral Packing: plastic roll without any marking Delivery Deta...

High quality 4 inch all stainless steel Absolute pressure gauge with diaphragm seal

Model No:absolute pressure gauge

Delivery Time:30 Days

High quality 4 inch all stainless steel Absolute pressure gauge with diaphragm seal     Range: FMH 0-10/0-40MPaFMM 0-1/0-10MPaFMS -1-0/0-0.6MPaAccuracy: (add to instrument accuracy) ± 0.5% fordirect mounting;± 1% for dampeners, over pressureprotector, distance transmission and so on.Working Temperature: -45-+150℃Diaphragm material: Hastelloy B, Hastelloy C, Tantalum,Titanium, Monel 316L PTEE coatedWetted material:321, 304, 316L(or+PTFE)Connection: Thread M20*1.5,1/2”NPT other on request  Filling...

DP100 analog and digital output automobile electronic high quality digital Oil pressure gauge

Model No:DP100 digital oil pressure gauge

Delivery Time:3 Days

DP100 4-20mA output automobile Industry electronic high quality digital Oil pressure gauge  Product Description  Overview: digital Oil pressure gauge    DP100 digital Oil pressure gauge  uses a silicone Oil filling technology, the core encapsulated in a workpiece withard interface thread, the products are widely used in food, medicine, sanitation and wine industry and other sectors. The company can be tailored for users, undertake special structure size and temperature requirements. Flat membran...

High Precision Oil Absolute Pressure fluid flow sensor with radar level sensor

Model No:GRD801

High Precision Oil Absolute Pressure fluid flow sensor with radar level sensor     Product Description  GRD80 guided wave radar is based on the principle of time travel is measuring instrument, radar wave running at the speed of light, running time can be transformed into material level signal by electronic parts.Probe a high-frequency pulse and or bar type probe transmission along the cable type, when the pulse in the material surface reflected by the receiver inside the instrument, and the dis...

Agarwood Essential Oil Distillers For Sale

Model No:EO001

Delivery Time:30 Days

Specifications 1.High Oil yield 2.High Oil quality 3.Easy operating 4.Excellent after-sales service       Product Description        Agarwood Essential Oil Distillers introduction   This unit is popular in production of Chinese medicines, health products, Biological drugs, cosmetics and food, it use technology of biological and chemical separation, can extract Plant components efficiently by steam distillation, have good effect in collecting essential Oil from plants.   The simple flow chart of ...

316L Silicone Oil filled 4-20mA Absolute pressure transmitter (3051A)

Model No:PT124B-3051A

Delivery Time:7 Days

Product Description       Description The model PT124B-3051A is 316L Smart Silicone Oil filled 4-20mA Absolute pressure transmitter, it is a modular design, with integrated circuit adapter unit of the pressure transmitter module and a precision AD conversion module and a high intelligent micro processing module . it can be used to measure liquid, gas, or stem flow, as well as liquid level, density and pressure. It outputs a 4 to 20mADC HART signal corresponding to the measured pressure different...

Absolute Encoder measuring angle encoder Waterproof and Oil proof Rotary Encoder IP67

Model No:CAX60

Specifications Encoder Rotary IP67 1)Measuring angle, length and speed 2) Dual output 3)Resolution:1/4096FS 4)Protection: IP67     Absolute Encoder Waterproof and Oil proof Rotary Encoder IP67  Advantage * Built-in Absolute digital encoder disk, real multi-lap set of Mechanical gear, all-digital denominated. * International Standard Modbus RTU output, easy to connect a variety of PLC and PC equipment.. * 13 or 16 bits per lap high-resolution photoelectric encoder. * Wide operating voltage, low c...
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