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rubber hoses lab Test tube Brazil Turn-Key Lab Solutions

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  • Model No.: APEX-15 WY
  • Packaging: rubber hoses lab Test tube Brazil Compression crates, free of fumigation
  • Brand Name: APEX
  • Place of Origin: Henan, China (Mainland)
  • Supply Ability: 1000 Piece/Pieces per Month
Hebi City Thermal Meter Instrument Factory provides laboratory design, organization, turnkey solutions, training, rules and regulations and other services.  rubber hoses lab Test tube Brazil Use

1 , tube

Usage: for holding a small amount of drugs, container at room temperature or heated minor reagent
can be used to pick up the system to close.

Set a small amount of gas .

Cautions : ① can be directly heated.
② can not be quenched after heating to prevent burst .
③ tube mouth when he is not facing the heat.

Whom ; when heated to a solid , tubes should be placed horizontally ,
the nozzle slightly downward .

2 , beaker

Purpose : beaker with room temperature or under heating conditions do solution preparation ,
dissolved substances and substances relatively large reaction vessel .

Caution: To pad Asbestos Network
① to the beaker when heated. Not use direct flame heating the beaker .
Because a large beaker underside ,The direct flame heating can only be partially burned , and the glass caused by uneven heating of rupture.
② dissolved substances stirring , glass.Not touch the cup wall or bottom of the cup .
③ When the beaker with heating the liquid
does not exceed the amount of the liquid to the beaker volume of 1 / 3 is appropriate to prevent.
When boiling liquid spill. Upon heating, the beaker wall must be dry.

3 , flasks

Uses : for which there are a large amount of the liquid reagent substance participating in reaction vessel
can be divided into a round bottom flask , flat-bottomed flask and distillation flask .
They can be used for assembling the gas generating means .
Distillation flask for separating immiscible substances having different boiling points .

Cautions : ① round bottom flask and the distillation flask can be used for heating ,
the heating network to asbestos mat can also be used for other thermal baths.
② an amount not more than half of the liquid volume of the flask .

4 , conical flask

Use: heating the liquid , the gas generator can also be used and the washing apparatus ,
a titration can also be used by dropping the container .

Note: ① injected liquid preferably not more than its volume of 1/ 2 , is likely to cause excessive splashing .
② using stone heating Cotton net ( except electric heating ) .
③ beaker outside to dry and then heated.

5 , the evaporating dish

Usage: evaporative liquid , a concentrated solution or dried solid matter .

Caution: high temperature, but can not quench , long amount of liquid can be heated directly on the flames ,
but the amount of liquid evaporation.Can not exceed two-thirds of its volume. Asbestos can not be separated by heating network .
Evaporating dish is mainly used for operations such as distillation ,
is the ideal Chemical distillation apparatus.

6 , plastic head dropper

Uses: used pipette and dropping a small amount of liquid .

Note: ① When using plastic head on the spout next ( to prevent liquid reagent into the plastic head leaving the plastic head corrosion or plastic head
.② impurities into the test solution in dropper nozzle can not be inserted into the container by drops ( dropper stained prevent other agents )
③ should be established after the use of That is washed clean, and inserted in a clean test tube ,
is prohibited without washing draw dropper dropper dropper on other reagents must
④And supporting the use of drip bottle .

7 , set of cylinders

Purposes: ① for collecting or storage amount of gas may also be used for the reaction
② certain substances and gases.

Note: not for heating . If the substance is an exothermic reaction with gas ,
set the amount of water should be placed inside the cylinder ,
or a layer of sand.The main gas collection methods: drainage collection process set up Air Act sets down Air Act .

8 , jars

Purpose : jars are for holding solid reagent glass containers ,
transparent and brown are two, to be dark brown bottles for holding preservation agents .

Note: not for heating . When access to reagents, corks to pour on the table,
with tight seal when necessary .
Due to scrub the inside of the bottle , complete with frosted glass stopper , so glass-stoppered jars not bloom strongly alkaline reagents.
If bloom alkaline reagent, to use rubber stopper.

9 , small jars

Usage: for holding liquid reagents , fine brown jars used to hold the material needs from light ,
Storage alkaline solution test.
Application bottle stoppers , not stuffed with glass.

Note: not for heating . When access to reagents, corks to pour on the table,
with tight seal when necessary .
Due to scrub the inside of the bottle , complete with frosted glass stopper , and therefore can not bloom strongly alkaline reagents.
If the bloom alkaline reagent to use a rubber stopper .

10 , ordinary funnel

Uses: used to inject the liquid or thin mouth containers used to filter devices.

Note: To clean the funnel , followed by filtration experiments done on paper to be folded funnel ,
so that " two by three low ," namely: filter.Paper edge below the funnel ,
the funnel glass rod close to the inner wall of the inner wall of the funnel beaker to close.

11 , long-necked funnel

Uses : for injecting the liquid into the reaction vessel .

Note: If used for extracting gas , long-necked funnel inserted into the lower end of the nozzle must be below the surface ,
forming a " liquid seal " to prevent gas.Body escape from the long-necked bucket .
In addition , long-necked funnel general can also be replaced by a separating funnel .

12 , separatory funnel

Uses: mainly two immiscible liquids of different densities , and for the separation can also be added dropwise to the reaction vessel for liquid,
Control the amount of liquid.Use these steps: leak , add liquid ,
shaking , standing, liquid separation , washing.

Note: ① the amount of liquid added to the hopper volume can not exceed 3 /4. To prevent impurities fall into the funnel ,
you should cover the drain.Bucket port on the plug.
② When subretinal fluid , funnel neck with groove grinding mouth stuffed with holes to align the liquid inside the funnel to smooth flow.
③ can not be heated to a separatory funnel . ④ funnel after use to wash clean.

13 , alcohol lamp

Composition : light body , wick , wick tube and cap components.

Use: Alcohol fuel heating means for heating the object .
Alcohol lamp heating temperature 400-500 ℃, suitable for without high temperature experiments .

Note:① add alcohol to the absolute prohibition of alcohol lamp burning inside .
② unavailable lighted kerosene lamp to light another alcohol lamp .
③ should Concentrated in the outer flame heating portion of the heating preheated .
④ To prevent glassware in contact with the hot wick .
⑤ end of the experiment ,Applications lamp cap off, never blow out through your mouth .
⑥ case of burning alcohol on the table , immediately rushed to cover with a damp cloth .

14 , glass

Purpose : to accelerate the dissolution , promote solubility, drainage, dipped into the liquid ,
stir in the evaporating dish to prevent uneven heating and Spatter , etc. Especially the most commonly used secondary experiment ,
the experiment is essential supplies .

Caution : Do not touch the vessel wall while stirring , do not be too hard to avoid stirring broken .

15 , Asbestos Network

Purpose : Asbestos Network is barbed wire rack when used in cooking liquid alcohol lamp on a tripod .
Beakers, flasks, conical bottles,Heating the container need net asbestos mat .
Composition: It is sandwiched by two pieces of barbed wire asbestos after a dry cotton cloth soaked in water to do .

Principle: the flame for a long time focused on a location of the container, the container will eventually burst .
Asbestos Network with a heat of the flame will be divided.Scattered to every corner of the container,
the container will not burn long burst because asbestos is not flammable substances ,
wire can be flame.Heat is dispersed into the air, reached the top of the container , the heat evenly.
It is a commonly used chemical equipment scientists .

16 , tweezers

Uses: used drugs or metal particles block access .

Note: ( 1 ) it can not be heated
( 2 ) non- acidic drugs clip
( 3 ) must be to keep it clean after use .

17 , spoon

Uses : Solid Drug for access to granular powder or small ,
each with a spoon before you want to wipe with a clean filter paper.
Drugs used to wipe clean immediately with a clean spoon to paper : Considerations.

18 , the crucible tongs

Usage: When holding the crucible is heated in the alcohol lamp or to take ,
place the crucible , the crucible is heated ,
the gripping crucible or the crucible lid .

Note : You must use a clean crucible tongs when
① use . ② When taking hot crucible crucible clamp ,
the clamp must first tip.Preheat avoid crucible due to local cooling
and cracked with pliers tip should be placed on the desktop or asbestos online .
③ After the experiment is completed, Pliers should wipe clean the cabinet into the experiment , dry place .
④ holding crucible using a curved portion , for he took with a pointed .
⑤ may not be used in conjunction with the crucible.

19,Burning spoon.

Composition : Burning spoon teaspoon of copper wire and riveting together .

Uses : for containing combustible solid material for the combustion test ,
the combustion reaction of the material , especially in the gas .

Note: When using combustion spoon , spoon in bloom if the material energy and iron,
copper reaction , a layer of sand should be in full bloom .
Alcohol lamp can be placed directly on the operation of one instrument .
Many of the experimental apparatus is not directly on the alcohol lamp.
Such as graduated cylinders, beakers .

20 , test tube rack

Purpose : for placing fixed tubes , perforated tubes can be stacked vertically in order to continue to observe the reaction.
There are columns can be wash the tube upside down so dry.

21 , the pipette

Usage: used to accurately gauge a volume pipette solution , measure out a pipette type instrument ,
it is only used to measure the volume of the solution discharged .
It is an enlargement of a middle portion of the elongated glass tube .
The lower end of the beak -like, upper neck engraved with a pipe marking ,
is the accurate pipetting volume mark.

Note: ( 1 ) Check the pipette nozzle and needle nose without damage,
if the damage can not be used ;
( 2 ) Wash the pipette ; ( 3 ) draw solution ;
( 4 ) to adjust the level ; ( 5 ) release solution ;
( 6 ) washing the pipette , the pipette is placed in the rack.

22 , formwork units

Formwork units for fixed and supports a variety of instruments,
commonly used in filtration , heating and other experimental operation .
Is a chemical used in most experiments extensive one instrument .

23, pipette holder

Uses: used to place the pipette .

24 , suction ears ball

Uses : mainly used for quantitative extraction pipette liquid ,
suction ear can also put the ball inside the sealed container to disperse the powdery substance .

25, slides

Uses : The slides were observed with a microscope is used to put something ,
or something of the quartz glass sheet , the production of the sample ,
the cells or tissue sections on the glass slides , the coverslips were placed on it , as observed .

26 , cuvette

Purpose : colorimetric tube chemical experiments for visual colorimetric analysis experiments main instruments
can be used to roughly measure the concentration of the solution .

27, suction flask

Use: a suction flask thick , similar to the flask ,
with a branch , the reaction can be performed in a glass vacuum apparatus .
You can also do a small amount of gas preparation generator.
It can change the use of vacuum pumps and other equipment inside the pressure .

28 , the filter paper

Use: the chemical filter is a common laboratory filtering tools common shape is circular ,
generally made from cotton fibers.

32 , titration stand

Purpose : titration stand is used in the experiment can be
fixed titration experiments acid or alkaline a table burette for titration experiments

29, digestion tubes

Uses : Used to measure the temperature inside the tube is heated digestion liquids .

34 , dissolved oxygen bottle

Uses: used to measure the dissolved oxygen content in the water .
Dissolved oxygen in the air to become dissolved in water .
Dissolved oxygen and the partial pressure of water , the water temperature are closely related to the oxygen in the air .
Under natural conditions , changes in the oxygen content in the air is not ,
so the water temperature is the main factor , the lower the temperature , the higher oxygen content in the water .

30 , plastic bottle

Uses: chemical laboratory for loading a container of pure water ,
and with a device emitting thin streams .
Commonly used extrusion blow -and -two . Blow type of flat-bottomed glass flask and bottle blowing device a short length of pipe and outlet pipe composition ;
extruded from plastic bottles and bottle of fine port device outlet components.
Plastic bottle for quantitative transfer and the precipitate was washed and metastasis.

31, flask

Uses : for the preparation of accurate volumetric flask certain amount of substance concentration
of the solution used for a precision instrument .
Often used in conjunction with a pipette . To put some substance into several equal parts.

Use: Before using a volumetric flask , to conduct the following two tests:
( 1 ) the volume of the flask is consistent with the requirements .
( 2 ) To check the corks are tight , watertight.

32 , the horizontal electrophoresis

Uses: Suitable for the identification , analysis, preparation of DNA
and determine its molecular weight.

33 , Bunsen burner

Uses: Bunsen burner is commonly used in high-temperature heating laboratory tool that allows gas and air mixing in the light ,
so that the gas burn completely , get dull high temperature flame .

34 , blood count board

Uses : hemocytometer was used for the body of red , white blood cell count of microscopic use ,
also used in the calculation of some bacteria , fungi, yeasts and other microorganisms of the number ,
is a common tool for biological

35, slides

Uses : slides are placed in glass test for experimental material , rectangular, thick , preferably translucent .

36 , magnifying glass

Purpose : to observe the details of simple visual objects optics ,
is the focal length of the eye photopic than a much smaller distance converging lens .
Objects in the image on the retina of the human eye is proportional to the size of the sheet material eye angle (angle ) .

Use Methods: Method One : Let the magnifying glass to observe objects close to the observed object does not move,
the distance between the eye and the object of constant observation and
mobile handheld magnifying glass between the object and the human eye moves back and forth ,
until the large and clear image . Observation two: a magnifying glass as close to the eye.
Magnifying glass does not move, moving objects , until the large and clear image .

37 , tube clip

Usage: for holding test tubes for experiments.

Usage: set into the bottom of the tube , caught in the mouth of the test tube or in the upper third of the distance .
After the clip finished, immediately put skillet at hand , do not press your thumb on the short handle . When removed from the top down to get the same , never touching the nozzle .
Need to constantly oscillating tube when the tube is heated , so that heat evenly.

Note : To prevent corrosion burning, long-handled hand , thumb on the skillet . ( Note: the thumb can not press on the short handle )

rubber hoses lab Test tube Brazil Introduction

rubber hoses lab Test tube Brazil experiments in chemical analysis , using a wide range of multi- frequency and fast replacement of appliances should be glassware.
Laboratory glassware is an indispensable tool for chemical analysis , is commonly used laboratory without loss often valued as a human consumables .
In normal operation, it is second only to drugs Expenses .
Rational management and use of glassware , not only guaranteed to work effectively , but also reduce wear and tear , to save money .

rubber hoses lab Test tube Brazil classification

The main purpose is generally based on a different instrument ,
the instrument can be divided into the following common chemistry experiment 8 categories:

( 1 ) Measurement category

Used to measure the mass, volume , temperature , density and other instruments.
Such instruments are mostly glass container .
There burette , pipette , measuring cups and so on.

( 2 ) the reaction of the class

Instruments for chemical reaction , but also a part of the heated instrument .
Such instruments are mostly glass or ceramic burner .
There are test tubes, flasks, evaporating dish , crucible .

( 3 ) containers

Reagent bottles used for containing or storing solid ,
liquid, gas and other chemical agents .

( 4 ) supporting class

For assembling , used to connect the instrument glass , glass valves, rubber tubes, rubber stoppers and
other supplies or equipment.

Not only guaranteed to work effectively , and can reduce losses, save money.

rubber hoses lab Test tube Brazil advantage

1, rubber hoses lab Test tube Brazil has been focused on environmental sustainability .
The R & D products , the use of low-power components .
Achieve energy saving requirements. Save energy, we start from .
Instrument itself is used for environmental monitoring, and even more so itself .

2, Fast APEX rubber hoses lab Test tube Brazil is improved after years of research and development ,
according to the latest international standards development .
Test speed, accuracy unchanged, saving a lot of preparation time .

3 , Accurate rubber hoses lab Test tube Brazil according to GB / T 6579-7986 requires the development of accuracy
in full compliance with GB / T 6579-7986 requirements.
And to some extent than GB / T 6579-7986 standards.

4, the 30-year history of APEX established a long history, strong,
development, and manufacturing rubber hoses lab Test tube Brazil also has 20 -year history.

5 , Maturity rubber hoses lab Test tube Brazil products mature and stable , reliable quality.
High durability. Market has been a long ordeal and identification.
The majority of users are trusted models.

6 , Cost, and operation and maintenance costs rubber hoses lab Test tube Brazil due to low energy consumption.
The cost is not high. Greatly reduce labor and maintenance costs
. During use . Human labor cost reduction is the process of liberation .
Them. We focused on our customers , the implementation of low-cost supply of spare parts and consumables .
Reduce the use of consumables costs.

7 , Service APEX service aims to meet more customer needs as possible .
Products , customization, training ,
and other services we will try to do our best. And . Now using the Internet , to provide remote maintenance establish remote training teaches the ability .
For the supply of goods services. Original only provide maritime shipping services.
You can now change the delivery service based on customer demand , air or courier.
So you can get home on the desired device.

rubber hoses lab Test tube Brazil characteristics

1, rubber hoses lab Test tube Brazil characteristics

( 1 ) higher than the international market price of the same product performance .
Strong advanced degree .

( 2 ) can be customized in different languages ,
so that he can use all over the world.

( 3 ) simple and convenient operation.

( 4 ) measurement error : better than GB.

( 5 ) the thermal expansion coefficient, resistance to cold and hot.

( 6 ) high thermal and chemical stability.

( 7 ) cheap, conducive to observe the process of testing various phenomena or precipitation , is conducive to clean and reuse .

2, rubber hoses lab Test tube Brazil product characteristics on customer value

( 1 ) In normal operation , Expenses rubber hoses lab Test tube Brazil second only to drugs. Rational management and use of glassware ,
not only guaranteed to work effectively , and can reduce losses and save money.

(2) rubber hoses lab Test tube Brazil is an important tool for chemical experiments. " We must first sharpen his tools" ,
complete experimental tool or not, directly affect the success or failure of the experiment .
Depending on the purpose of the experiment , you should select the appropriate experimental methods ,
using different experimental equipment to the experiment. To improve the efficiency of the experiment,
improving product quality and efficiency.

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